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Provisioning for 3 MONTHS in the 🇧🇸BAHAMAS! | How 💰EXPENSIVE is it? | Sailing Joco EP107


OMG food overload !! We do our final preparations before LEAVING THE USA and going to THE BAHAMAS! Ever wanted to know what it takes , and HOW MUCH? Keep watching! Thanks for watching! Follow us on Instagram for real-time updates! 🤍 If you’re enjoying our content, please consider becoming a Patron! We appreciate it so much :) 🤍

FAMILY PREPS FOR MONTHS AT SEA! Provisioning for ocean life (2022)


Our humble little family prep for months at sea with an epic dry stores provisioning mission which we hope will keep us out of expensive coastal shops all year and we share with you our plans for supplementing this bounty with freshly caught and foraged food. If you're interested in the 'Canned' recipe book, then you can find it here: 🤍 If you'd like to check out the very talented musician (Dan) at the end of the video, playing on the ever popular 'Buccaneer', then you can find his Instagram account here: 🤍 Also be sure to check out the local legend that is 'Buccaneer' also here: 🤍 If you'd like to support our Great British film making efforts, then be sure to visit our Patreon page, here: 🤍 Find out more about our boat and her history: 🤍 Find out more about the crew of Cadoha and our background: 🤍 Check out Carly's shop, packed full of her homemade, upcycled wears: 🤍 You can also find us on Instagram, here: 🤍 Our Complete Video PlayList (In order) Season 1 (sorry for the horrible filming and editing back then) 🤍 Season 2: 🤍 LOCKED DOWN Season Videos: 🤍 Winter Projects and upgrades (2020/2021): 🤍 Season 3: 🤍



In this video, we go to the grocery store to do what will be the first part of provisioning our boat in the Bahamas. We shop for all our protein and our goal is to stock the freezer! Soon we will be leaving Nassau and continuing to move south! - Everything we ❤️ from camera gear to swimsuits and dive gear! 🤍 Who is The Adventure Crews? Having set careers and society’s norms aside, Cole and Emily Crews are content creators soon to be sailing the Caribbean, documenting their travels and the people they meet along the way. Their goal as The Adventure Crews is to show others how they can swim against the current of society, creating a life that’s both purposeful and sustainable. - Stay in the know! -🤍 - Join us on Patreon - - Emily Instagram - 🤍 - Cole Instagram - 🤍 - Pinterest - 🤍 - For business inquiries email us - Hello🤍 Find your adventure & shop our merch! 🤍

How Super Yacht's Shop aka PROVISIONING


Okay, so provisioning may be just a fancy word for shopping but we're on a yacht so I'll run with it. In this video I'll walk you through who pays for all the food, where we buy it and the logistics behind feeding a small army of crew & guests. Bon Appetit! Big thanks to Julian at La Boutique Foodland for letting me feature his shop and all the amazing produce he sources. See more 🤍foodlandsbh 🤍 Be sure to go follow 🤍jaredwatney who has an incredible channel with all things yachting! 🤍

Provisioning for an Ocean Crossing - Ep. 26 RAN Sailing


How do you manage to stow 3 months of food in a 40 ft sailboat? There's a lot of things to think about when planning a long passage and food is one of the most important. Join us in this episode to find out how we did and to see more of our DIY projects! We are a Swedish couple who wanted a different kind of life. So we moved in to our sailboat RAN, a custom built aluminium Beason 40, and untied the lines in the middle of the Swedish winter and started to sail south along the coast of Europe. There is no set route and we will go where the wind and our minds takes us. Read more about us and the boat and get updates and photos! - Website/blog: 🤍 - Instagram: 🤍 - Facebook: 🤍 Keep track of RAN and us here: 🤍 Thank you so much to our Patrons for making this video possible! We love making inspiring videos and to share our adventure with you and with your support we can keep the videos coming! Support our videos and become a Patron here: 🤍 Music by Epidemic Sound 🤍 Film gear: - Panasonic Lumix G7 - GoPro Hero3+ - Rode video mic pro Love, Malin & Johan

Open Answers: What is provisioning?


What is provisioning? Red Hat's Colin McNaughton explains. 🤍



Provisioning a sailboat to sail west in the med, Its time to check out of Turkey and head back into Greece but yet again we have a few delays...something is wrong with our rigging, we rescue a sick street cat and Jason contracts the spicy cough! We stock up our boat full of food and supplies, ready to head back out sailing for the 2022 season in the med. We show you how we provision for the first time. Then we notice something doesn't look right on our rigging and we now need our forestay which will set us back another week and Jason contracts that un-namely flu! Just for your information: about the cat, what I mean by shelter, it’s not a shelter where they’re caged up…it’s in a lady’s house and big backyard where she looks after several animals and they’re all socialised together. If you would like to see for yourself check out 🤍jeannie4cats on Instagram Support our productions by becoming part our Patreon Crew! 🤍 As our subscribers would of course know, we absolutely adore animals and do show quiet a lot of them in our episodes. We have decided to create a GoFundMe Page so with your support we can help the animals! We will keep this as an ongoing donation page throughout our travels and will keep you updated on here and our social media as we spend the funds If you would like to donate, here in the link :) 🤍 Thankyou, you are greatly appreciated! This is the Multi-Currency card we use as we move around the world: WISE: 🤍 - Send or convert money at the REAL exchange rate! - 53 different currencies - Only a Small fee to transfer or convert (and you know upfront) - Add money to your wise account for free from your normal bank account INSTANTLY with payID - Separate virtual Debit card for online purchases (especially handy if you shop online overseas) - VISA Debit card with hidden card details (you can hop on the app to see your account details, great for security purposes) - Great for your BUSINESS, especially those with overseas customers!

The ULTIMATE GUIDE to PROVISIONING for Offshore Passages and Charters


Welcome to the ultimate guide to Provisioning. This episode will be super useful for sailors and cruisers planning either an offshore passage or a charter, as there's good information in here for provisioning for both occasions. Thanks for watching! Please subscribe and leave a comment ⛵️ To support our work ❤️ 🤍 Resources mentioned in the video: 🤍 🤍 Timestamps: 00:00 Intro 02:22 What to Buy... 02:40 ONE- Buy food everyone actually likes 03:08 TWO- Share cooking duties evenly 03:35 THREE- There's no need to plan every meal 04:25 FOUR- Buy special treats for milestones 07:25 FIVE- Buy food that's compact to store but filling 10:34 How to Store your Food Our videos are free for everyone to watch, and always will be. However, we have an amazing community of Patrons who, for the cost of a cup of coffee a month, receive all sorts of benefits and perks. This support allows us to continue bringing our stories to you, so a HUGE thanks to our wonderful Patrons 😊 Click the link above to find out more. If Patreon isn't your thing, there's a lot of other ways to show your support (and it won't cost you a single penny): 🤍 SOCIAL MEDIA We update our Instagram almost daily. This showcases images of us, the boat, and our surroundings. Our Instagram stories gives you a glimpse into 'behind the scenes' and reminds you when our new episodes are out- plus anything else we feel like documenting! The link is here: 🤍 Want to see our blog? All the entries we have written, and all our travel before we started our Youtube channel? Well then this is where you need to look. You can also subscribe to our newsletter! 🤍 Interested in our Facebook page? Again, we post almost daily with pictures, small videos and stories of our daily life. Check us out here: 🤍 Want to read our Tweets? Images, videos and our thoughts, almost on a daily basis? Well look here for that: 🤍 MUSIC All tracks featured in this episode are credited at the end of the video in the order that they appear. We get all our music from Epidemic Sound and Artlist. ⛵ - About Us: 🤍 ⛵ - Contact Us: 🤍 Hey there! We're Nick and Terysa and we’ve become completely obsessed with the idea of sailing around the world and sharing our experiences and information through our sailing lifestyle videos with others. We met travelling around India, and quickly agreed that rather than “settling down” and doing what most normal people do, we wanted to travel and adventure instead and started our sailing lifestyle adventure stories, since then, we’ve been working hard towards achieving our dreams, and now we’re finally living them as sailing cruising lifestyle! Want to know anything about our sailing lifestyle or sailing adventure stories? Send us an email via the contact us page 🤍 We hope you enjoy what we do. Please subscribe, like and share. Thanks so much for watching! Please subscribe, leave a comment and give a thumbs up.

Azure AD HR-Driven Provisioning


In this video we explore adding our HR system into our identity complete workflow and how simple yet powerful it is. 🔎 Looking for content on a particular topic? Search the channel. If I have something it will be there! ▬▬▬▬▬▬ C H A P T E R S ⏰ ▬▬▬▬▬▬ 0:00 - Introduction 0:20 - The normal AD DS and Azure AD relationship 3:40 - Enter the HR system 5:35 - Join and leave attributes and their synchronization 10:32 - Using dynamic groups 11:59 - 3rd party SaaS apps 12:58 - HOW to connect HR to our identity environment 13:50 - Workday and SuccessFactors available enterprise apps 15:51 - AAD Identity Provisioning Service 17:26 - Cloud-only sync flow 17:35 - Hybrid sync flow 18:20 - Provisioning agents 20:30 - Complete joiner, mover, leaver 22:58 - Example configuration and user flow 29:35 - Provisioning logs 30:38 - Summary 31:36 - Record showed up :-) ▬▬▬▬▬▬ K E Y L I N K S 🔗 ▬▬▬▬▬▬ ► Whiteboard: 🔗 🤍 ▬▬▬▬▬▬ Want to learn more? 🚀 ▬▬▬▬▬▬ 📖 Recommended Learning Path for Azure 🔗 🤍 🥇 Certification Content Repository 🔗 🤍 📅 Weekly Azure Update 🔗 🤍 ☁ Azure Master Class 🔗 🤍 ⚙ DevOps Master Class 🔗 🤍 💻 PowerShell Master Class 🔗 🤍 🎓 Certification Cram Videos 🔗 🤍 🧠 Mentoring Content 🔗 🤍 ❔ Questions? Maybe I answered it in my FAQ 🔗 🤍 👕 Cure Childhood Cancer Charity T-Shirt Channel Store 🔗 🤍 👂 I have manually updated the captions to be as accurate as possible. Enable the subtitles and from there you can translate to your native language via the auto-translate feature in settings! 🤍 for a demo of using this feature. SUBSCRIBE ✅ 🤍 #microsoft #azure #johnsavillstechnicaltraining #onboardtoazure #cloud

What is Thin Provisioning and Why Use it?


🤍 - Beat data growth by provisioning more storage to your servers than you purchased. Learn more here 🤍

What is user provisioning in Azure Active Directory?


This video explains automatic user provisioning in Azure Active Directory (AD) and why it is beneficial to organizations. Azure AD allows you to automate the creation, maintenance and removal of user identities in cloud (SaaS) applications such as Dropbox, Salesforce, ServiceNow and more. Learn more: 🤍

Provisioning with Foreman


Provisioning host on Libvirt using Foreman

HOW DO WE FEED 'EM ALL?! Provisioning & Cooking on a Yacht (Ep 245)


You can live this lifestyle too! BlueWater Cruising will show you how: 🤍 Contact Maxwell Marine: 🤍 for our SHINY NEW Cromox chain: 🤍 —BECOME A MEMBER OF THE Z-CREW! 🤍 —BUY A TICKET TO THE SHOW! 🤍 -GRAB SOME MERCH or BOAT GEAR: 🤍 -WHAT CAMERAS DO WE USE? Find all my favorite filming gear here: 🤍 Happy Sailing! Renee & the Z-Crew _ Music In This Video: Our Theme song: Float Away by Grabbitz provided by Monstercat: 🤍 Find it here: 🤍 This music provided by Epidemic Sound 🤍 : Jakarta by Bonsaye Solace in Winter by Will Harrison Negroni by Phello Known in Heaven by Joyspring Meet Me in There by RaFa Sessions Just Friends by Alice Spence 00:00 Who’s the new crew 01:51 Breakfast 03:42 Cave of the Apocolypse 05:48 Lunch at restaurant 06:53 Groceries 10:10 Lunch again 16:28 Dinner 20:15 Chores 21:47 Dump trash 23:12 Groceries again 24:49 Dinner #galley

ATLANTIC CROSSING DAY-4 : Provisioning for a month sea 🌊 #92


What do you need to buy when you head out to sea for a month and how much? And more importantly: is this the hardest part about provisioning for a long passage? In this video, we explore the answers to these questions. Welcome to Day-4 to departure, where we provision ahead of our Atlantic Crossing. GEAR WE USE ⛵️Our boat: Polar Seal, 2007 Beneteau Oceanis 40, owners version (2 cabins layout).  Full tour and review of Polar Seal at: 🤍  🎥 Photo & Film gear Our camera: 🤍 Lavalier microphone system: 🤍 Image stabilizing lens: 🤍 Wide angle lens: 🤍 Shotgun microphone: 🤍 Microphone windjammer: 🤍 Our action camera: 🤍 Action camera microphone: 🤍 Our drone: 🤍 ⚠️ Disclosure:  Some of the links above are affiliate links. As a friend of Ryan & Sophie Sailing, you allow us to earn a small commission if you make a purchase through our affiliate links! We only disclose links for products that we use and love, and believe you will love too.  If you shop on Amazon, you can support this channel at no cost by using the link:  🤍 Thank you for supporting this channel! LINKS 🖇 🤍 // Videos, stories, photos and other goodies of our travel and sailing adventure 🤍 | Short stories and videos of our life onboard.  🤍 | Sweet photos of our sailing and the places we visit. 🤍 | Ask us short questions, get fast answers!  SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL FOR FREE! 🙌🏻 🛒 If you shop with Amazon, you can support us at no cost to you by using this link: 🤍 You pay the same and Amazon gives us a little share of their profit, which helps us. We really appreciate your support! If you are a boat owner, consider shopping at our good friends and partner’s chandlery, Catamaran Supply!  🤍 CONTACT 📬 Say hi, ask us a question or send us feedback at:  📩 hello🤍 #sailing #sailinglife #boatlife

Provisioning For Five Months In The Bahamas


In this video, we stock up on all the needed groceries before our sail down to the Bahamas. This is our first time having to plan for five full months of groceries at one time. Cole works his analytical skills to create a spreadsheet for everything we need to buy. Did we buy enough? We'll see! :) * Follow along on our journey on your favorite social media platform: Youtube: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍svsouthernwinds Instagram: sailingsouthernwinds

Provisioning for the Bahamas. The how to from what we learned.


As we get ready to cross over to the Bahamas, we share how we prepare for a 3-month cruise on food and drink. We give some first-hand experience on provisioning from our 2021 season cruising the Exuma's. #cruisinglife #liveaboardlife #sailboat #islandhopping #sailingadventur#bahamas

How to PROVISION for an Ocean Crossing! | Sailing Wisdom: Season 3, Ep 1


This episode is all about our provisioning process for the Atlantic Crossing! We begin by getting essentials such as books and charging cables. We go to West Marine to grab some last minute items that we need for comfort and maintenance, and then we get the food. We are provisioning for three people over the course of at most, 40 days. When we get back to the Boat, we explain useful methods of storage for such a large amount of food. #bluewater #transatlantic For painting commissions: artisticeyestudio🤍 Our Swag: 🤍 Support us on Patreon: 🤍 Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 Check out our website: 🤍 Music: Music provided by Bensound 🤍 Music: Music provided by Spike 🤍 🤍

How I provision for the Atlantic crossing + TIPS for shopping and storage. #59


Reusable Silicon pouches: 🤍 Mesh nets for fruits and veggies: 🤍 (Not sponsored, but affiliate links!) Our provisioning category list: 🤍 In this video, we take you provisioning with us for our Atlantic crossing. While we planned on stopping by Cape Verde on our way to the Caribbean, we decided to do our provisioning in Lanzarote, where we knew that we’d find the best supermarkets before hitting the French islands. I also share what I learned from the experience and give you my best tips for shopping and storage! Hope you enjoy this one :) - JOIN THE CREW! Join our virtual crew of Patrons at: 🤍 MUSIC 🎶 In this video: Joe E. Lee - The Budapest project (Epidemic Sound) The Fly Guy Five - Window Shopping in New York (Epidemic Sound) GEAR ⛵️Our boat: Polar Seal, 2007 Beneteau Oceanis 40, owners version (2 cabins layout). Full tour and review of Polar Seal at: 🤍 🎥 Photo & Film gear Our camera: 🤍 Image stabilizing lens: 🤍 Our microphone: 🤍 Microphone windjammer: 🤍 Our action camera: 🤍 Our drone: 🤍 ⚠️ Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links. As a friend of Ryan & Sophie Sailing, you allow us to earn a small commission if you make a purchase through our affiliate links! We only disclose links for products that we use and love, and believe you will love too. If you shop on Amazon, you can support this channel at no cost by using the link: 🤍 Thank you for supporting this channel! LINKS 🖇 🤍 // Videos, stories, photos and other goodies of our travel and sailing adventure 🤍 | Short stories and videos of our life onboard. 🤍 | Sweet photos of our sailing and the places we visit. 🤍 | Ask us short questions, get fast answers! SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL FOR FREE! 🙌🏻 🛒 If you shop with Amazon, you can support us at no cost to you by using this link: 🤍 You pay the same and Amazon gives us a little share of their profit, which helps us. We really appreciate your support! CONTACT 📬 Say hi, ask us a question or send us feedback at: 📩 hello🤍

Provisioning Again? How Much Water Do We Use a Day? | Alabama to Florida | ep 240


As a family of five on a sailboat, we go through a lot of food, water, and fuel each day. It seems like we are going to shore several times a week for more provisions. This week we are in Orange Bay, Alabama, just around the corner from Pensacola Florida and we are able to anchor in Wolf Bay and get everything we need for our planned trip offshore. Products we use and love: 🤍 Our WISH LIST 😁 🤍 Join Our Crew on Patreon - 🤍 Donate Via Paypal - Other Places to Find Us Instagram - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 Music by Artlist 🤍 #spoondrifters

Connect: Wi-Fi Provisioning


White Paper: A primer to Wi-Fi provisioning for IoT applications 🤍 Our resident Wi-Fi expert, Josh, joins us this week to teach us more about provisioning and how the SimpleLink Wi-Fi devices are built to make that process easier. Find the latest SimpleLink Wi-Fi products 🤍 100% Code Portability with SimpleLink MCUs 🤍 Subscribe to Connect, a weekly series 🤍

How to Level Your Provisioning in ESO - ESO Provisioning Power Level


Thanks for Watching How to Level Your Provisioning in ESO! For more tips and tricks on MMO's like Elder Scrolls Online subscribe to the channel and hit that notification button so you are notified when the next video comes out! Social Platforms: Twitch: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Tik Tok: 🤍 Time Stamps: 0:23 How to Level ESO Provisioning 0:44 Green Provisioning Recipes 1:05 Blue Provisioning Recipes 1:50 ESO Provisioning Skills 2:10 Have Questions? 2:15 Bonus Tip Support the Channel: Amazon Affiliate Link: 🤍 Donation Link: 🤍 #teso #ESO #mmorpg

Настройка Auto Provisioning, на примере телефона Yealink - очень просто!!!


Сегодня Вы узнаете как легко и просто настроить Auto Provisioning. Это проще простого! Вы легко и просто сможете повторить данные настройки у себя не только с телефонами Yealink, но и с любыми другими телефонами. Надеюсь это видео будет для вас полезным и пять копеек прибавится в Ваш опыт! Приятного просмотра и не забудь поставить лайк! Буду благодарен любой поддержке! CloudTips ➞ 🤍 Donatinalerts ➞ 🤍 Qiwi ➞ 🤍 Instagram ➞ 🤍 СПАСИБО!



We provisioned for our 3 months in the Bahamas. Our plan was to bring enough food that we wouldn't HAVE to shop while there. We did want to buy fresh food and would likely be eating out occasionally but we wanted to have enough so we didn't have to worry about being remote. Also, food costs more in the Bahamas because it is all being shipped in and the VAT is 12% and we aren't made of money... In reality, this was way more than three months worth of food. I would easily say it could cover the two of us for six months in the Bahamas, with buying fresh and eating out a few meals a week. With that in mind, this was filmed mid March 2021 and it is now mid October 2021 and we still have some of this food (some canned goods, rice, black beans, and some frozen fruit and veggies). Our inverter went out two months into our time in the Bahamas so we quit eating our rice and dried beans and bought a lot more, locally, that we could cook a lot easier. All things to keep in mind. We are Brady & Carlie - a couple of married, creative, travel-loving, nerds living our vagabond dreams. We don't know where it will lead and that's okay with us! We recently finished flipping and selling our home, along with most of our possessions. After hiking 800 miles on the Appalachian Trail, we have decided to see the world via sailboat. Currently, we are doing some upgrades to our *new to us* 1990 Island Packet 35 (WV/Valinor) and then setting out. All while capturing a creative journal of our journey. We hope to show the ups, downs, good, bad, and everything in between. We will share as much as we can through journal entries on our blog, mini movies here on YouTube, and photos on Instagram. We plan to film, paint, photograph, design, and write our way around the world. Our desire is to use our creative outlets to push others to get outside, to experience other cultures, to look after Mother Earth, to dream. Check out our Website: ➞ 🤍 Find Us on Social Media: ➞ 🤍 ➞ 🤍 ➞ 🤍 Check Out Carlie's Shop: ➞ 🤍 Music: ➞ Get yourself an Artlist subscription (with two additional free months) here *🤍 Going to be shopping on Amazon or REI? Do your shopping through our affiliate link! It's no additional cost to you and we will make a small commission of whatever you buy! *Amazon ➞ 🤍 *REI ➞ 🤍 Links marked with * are affiliate links, which don't cost you any more to use but do mean that we will make a couple of pennies if you shop using those links! If you are interested in supporting our digital creativity then you can do so on Patreon 🤍

Configuring an Enterprise Application for User Provisioning


In this video, we will demo the step-by-step instructions to configure User Provisioning with Adobe Identity Management application. ►Go to 🤍 to configure an application ► Subscribe to Microsoft Security on YouTube here: 🤍 ► Follow us on social: LinkedIn: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 ► Join our Tech Community: 🤍 ► For more about Microsoft Security: 🤍 #Microsoft #MicrosoftSecurity

How to deploy user provisioning in Azure Active Directory


In this video, IT administrators will learn how to configure and deploy user provisioning for a supported application in the Azure portal. The example used in this video is SalesForce, and the video runs through assigning users to the application and enabling them for automatic provisioning. With automatic user provisioning, an organization can reduce costs and effort in maintaining their users in the different applications they use. Learn more: 🤍

HPE ProLiant Gen8 Servers How to Reinstall or Upgrade Intelligent Provisioning


HPE ProLiant Gen8 Servers - How to Reinstall or Upgrade Intelligent Provisioning 🤍 Download Intelligent Provisioning NOTE: Gen8 servers supports Intelligent Provisioning 1.x Gen9 servers supports Intelligent Provisioning 2.x 1. Turn ON the HP Gen8 Server. 2. During Server POST, press F11 key to display Boot Menu. 3. Now user will be presented with Boot Menu as shown below. 4. Press 1 on keyboard to boot from the CD\DVD. 5. Server will boot from HP Intelligent Provisioning recovery media, wait. 6. A progress bar displays. It takes a few minutes for any progress to display, so be patient. 7. Now it will start flashing Intelligent Provisioning. User can be wait until process is complete. 8. HP Intelligent Provisioning re-installation/upgrade is complete. Press F10 to reboot the server. #HPEProLiantGen8 #UpgradeIntelligentProvisioning

User Provisioning and Deprovisioning


In this session we will discuss about User Provisioning and Deprovisioning. Get full access to Comptia Cybersecurity Analyst+ on 🤍 . Start free training today, get certified and apply for career opportunities. Explore FREE career oriented courses here - 🤍

Cloud Provisioning


First, in a series of bite-sized educational videos to help educate followers from a non-cloud background about the primary benefits of the public cloud. This on my favourite as a technologist; Cloud Provisioning. This video covers native services and best practices, such as Infrastructure as Code (IaC), AWS CodeStar and continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines. Please reach out to me if you would like further information. Book 🤍 🤍 Credly dashboard 🤍 AWS Ambassador: 🤍 🤍 Personal website 🤍 Company website 🤍 🤍Nasstar #cloud #cloudcomputing #aws #awscloudformation #awscodestar #iac #cicd #cicdpipelines

Basics of VMware Disk Provisioning | VMware Disk Provisioning policy | Disk Provisioning in VMware


In this demo session I have explained about Basics of VMware Disk Provisioning. Basics of VMware Disk Provisioning VMware Disk Provisioning policy Disk Provisioning in VMware Thin Provisioned Thick Provisioned lazy zeroed Thick provisioned eagerly zeroed Follow this channel : 🤍 🤍 #vmware #esxi #esxi8 #esxi7 #diskprovisioning #thinprovisioning #thickprovisioning

Provisioning a boat for extended coastal cruising - Episode 31


After an extended stay in Cairns we provision the boat for our 1000 mile trip south through the Great Barrier Reef islands back to Brisbane and out of the cyclone zone before the season begins. Karen explains how to make the job easier and cheaper. We throw off the lines and squeeze out of Half moon Creek from Bluewater Marina to start our journey with a short hop to Green Island. All music in this episode is by Epidemic Sound. For info about Gone Fishing Charters 🤍 We’ve been blogging since 2011. Check it out at 🤍 You can find Karen's recipes and tips from Our Galley at 🤍 We’re on Facebook at 🤍 Follow our Instagram at 🤍 If you would like to support our creative work checkout Patreon 🤍 Keep in mind that we may receive commissions when you make purchases from our affiliate program. This is at no extra cost to you. However, this does not impact our reviews and comparisons. We only recommend products trialled and proven on board by us. We try our best to keep things fair and balanced, in order to help you make the best choice for you. We will tell you if they are an Affiliate Link. Following are some of the services and products we recommend and have an affiliation with. Cheers Rob and Karen DJI Mavic 2 Pro is our choice in Drones 🤍 DJI Action Cam is our choice for filming 🤍 along with the Sony AX53 4K Handy-cam 🤍 for sound quality we use Rhode VMPRRode VideoMic 🤍 and the Rode Wireless Go - Compact Wireless Microphone System, Transmitter and Receiver 🤍 Neewer Portable Aluminum Alloy Camera 2-in-1 Tripod Monopod Max. 70"/177 cm with 3-Way Swivel Pan Head and Carrying Bag for DSLR,DV Video Camcorder 🤍 Karen uses for her still photography the 200D Canon 🤍 With a 18-55 Lens 🤍 We edit on a Microsoft Surface Laptop 🤍 Sony Noise Cancelling Wireless Earphones 🤍 Karen wears Nude by Nature 🤍

🔵 Provision Provisions - Provisions Meaning - Provision Examples - Provision in a Sentence


Provision Provisions - Provisions Meaning - Provision Examples - Provision in a Sentence 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

VMware Horizon version 8 (2006) - Smart Provisioning


Feature overview of Smart Provisioning in VMware Horizon Version 8 (2006) VMware End-User Computing (EUC) solutions empower the digital workspace by simplifying app & access management, unifying endpoint management & transforming Windows delivery. Follow the VMware EUC Blog to learn more: 🤍

How to Provision & Prepare for a Long Haul + Q&A [NORDHAVN 43]


Happy Sunday Funday! Today we're having oh-so-much-fun provisioning Freedom for 30 days while also prepping her for upcoming long hauls down the Washington & Oregon coast. With well over 30 days worth of food, snacks and beverages and a few new additions to help us navigate during night passages, we are ready to EXPLORE more of our home in the Pacific Northwest! Plus, stick around for our weekly Q&A where Shawn answers more of your questions in near-real-time. If you have questions, too, head over to our Instagram and leave us a DM with your NAME, your LOCATION and your QUESTION so we can answer in a future video! Thanks for watching! ————— Website: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍mvfreedomseattle ————— Are you interested in what products we use in/on our boat or what gear we use to create our videos? If that’s a yes, check out our Amazon Affiliate shop to see our must haves! Amazon Affiliate Shop: 🤍 Main Vlog Camera: 🤍 Secondary Vlog Camera: 🤍 #1 Vlog Lens: 🤍 #2 Vlog Lens: 🤍 Favorite Photography Lens: 🤍 Camera External Microphone: 🤍 Voiceover Microphone: 🤍 GoPro Hero 7: 🤍 GoPro Hero 8: 🤍 GoPro Here 8 Media Mod: Gimbal Camera: 🤍 Drone #1 (DJI Mavic Mini): 🤍 Drone #2 (DJI Mavic Air): 🤍 Doggie On Board PEE-PATCH: 🤍 Doggie On Board Fire Hydrant (for PEE PATCH): 🤍 *PLEASE NOTE: The links above are affiliate links. So, if you decide to purchase a product using our link we will get a few pennies. You're not charged more and will still get the very best Amazon prices

Provisioning Your Boat - Sailing Virgins - Episode 21


How To Provision Your Boat Are you looking for tips on how to buy food and supplies for your sailing boat or yacht? This episode features chef Sara as she does her weekly provisioning shop at a supermarket in Tortola, British Virgin Islands. We hope you like it! Click this link to receive a PDF of her menu suggestions: 🤍 Sara’s Special items list: 1. Garbage bags 2. Eco-friendly dishwasher 3. Bug spray 4. Screw-off top bottles. Avoid glass wherever possible on boats. 5. Air freshener 6. Ginger 7. Simple cooking dry goods: pasta, rice, quinoa, wraps, couscous. 8. Buy local coffee 9. Sponge 10. Toast bread 11. UHT milk Water amount: 1/2 gallon (or 2 litres) of water per day. In her example, 6 people x 1 week = 21 gallons of water. 🤍 Music: Protoje - Who Knows ft. Chronixx Rihanna - Work (Steelpan Cover) Video: Sooting and editing done by Tisa Sencur (instagram: 🤍tisasencur) Thanks to Sara Vezensek (instagram: 🤍saravezensek) for helping us with this episode.

HP ProLiant Intelligent Provisioning


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Poly Lens: Enable Provisioning for Onboarding Network Devices


For more information, please visit: 🤍

Eps 6 - Planning, Provisioning and Packing


What would you pack if you had to move your life from land to a boat? Watch as we plan, provision and pack Ocean Lady ready for our new Sailing Ocean Life. Welcome aboard. ❤ We’d love you to join our exclusive SOL Family. Being a creator is exhilarating, but hard work so your support is greatly appreciated. You can help by SUBSCRIBING to SOL & LIKING each episode. It helps us become more visible to YouTube watchers. If you can spare as little as $4 per episode you have no idea how unbelievably fantastic that would be, join us here: 🤍 😍 Be the first to watch ad free the latest SOL episodes 😍 Behind the scenes footage 😍 Real time location links 😍 Take part in our live chats 😍 Be the first to learn about SOL Patron events And… SO much more. Of course, you can find regular updates on our other social media channels: SOL Facebook: 🤍 SOL Instagram: 🤍 We’re fortunate to have access to the music of amazing artists, a massive thanks to the below artists who provided the music for this episode: 🎼 MA_DiegoMartinez_FeelSupported_15sec (Motion Array) 🎼 MA_BFCmusic_Headstrong_Main (Motion Array) 🎼 MA_Codemusic_SweetAgain (Motion Array) 🎼 MA_CarlSchonbeck_StiffDrink (Motion Array) 🎼 Evening On The Coast (Motion Array) Thanks to the Mindarie Marina for hosting such fun events: 🤍 We want to say a massive THANK YOU for watching, it means a lot to us to have your support. We look forward to seeing you next week. Cozzy & Mitcho

Using an Device Provisioning Service (DPS) on Azure


Managing IoT devices at scale requires a strategy to automate connecting devices to their managing system. On Azure, that managing system is IoT Hub, which manages device twinning, device telemetry, device events, device commands, and device updates. It may be the case, however, that an organization needs one or more IoT Hub. Rather than statically assign these, a Devices Provisioning Service can use logic to assign the IoT Hub, register a device with an IoT, and securely get the credentials for an IoT Hub back to the device. In this video, we’ll look at how that process works. Atmosera: 🤍 WintellectNOW: 🤍 Blaize's Website: 🤍 Twitter: Blaize: 🤍 Atmosera: 🤍 WintellectNOW: 🤍

Understanding Provisioning Profiles and Certificates | Xcode | iOS App Development


Provisioning Profiles and Certificates have always been a pain point for iOS devs and in this video, I've explained profiles and certificates in detail. Why they are used, how they work, how are they created, public-private key pair and everything related code signing. Chapters 👇🏼 00:00 Start 00:40 Why are they used 02:05 Provisioning Profiles 04:17 What does a profile contain 05:11 How does an app install from Xcode 06:40 Types of Provisioning Profile 08:11 How code signing works 08:45 Asymmetric Cryptography 09:48 Certificate Signing Request (CSR)

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