Elden ring level 1

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Can You Beat Elden Ring at Level 1 (without being good)?


Can you beat Elden Ring at level 1 without being "good" at the game if you use all the tools and glitches you have available? twitter: 🤍 twitch: 🤍 Intro music: 🤍 Intro challenge runs (in order): 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Thank you eurothug4000 for the co-op help: 🤍

How to Break Elden Ring at Level 1


A detailed guide on beating Elden Ring while staying on rune level 1. Recorded on patch 1.04.1. Later part recorded on patch 1.05. ►Discord : 🤍 ►Patreon : 🤍 ►Twitter : 🤍 ►Cool Shirts : 🤍 ►Send a Tip! : 🤍 Help subtitle this video! : List of Music Used : 🤍 List of Glitches Used : 🤍 [Special thanks to] The boys at the translation discord for all the community captions. TheParryGod for the cinematic footage. ◙╩I▲╓→•~♂ß for the music submission bot. Grandpa for their advice on low level one shots. Spiffing Brit for the thumbnail tool. dung maestro for giving me the bad news. Our newest Subscriber : Rizzgubst Jr Our newest Patron : SeanKim - Early Access Lads Our newest Discord Member : Grendel♯3061 If you are interested in subtitling the video/spellchecking DM me on Twitter for an invite to the translation discord.

Beating Elden Ring at "LEVEL 1" because I only simp for Ranni


Guys i know that this isn't actually a Level 1 run, you get the point. The thing about this run is that if i want to stay loyal to Ranni, i cannot accept melina and that means no levelups, no horse, no roundtable. So basically a rune level 1 run+Ranni quest. This was fun but got painful on the last few bosses because i suck at this game, still worth it tho. I know there was things that i could have done better, but whatever. Elden ring is such a great game. Performance mod: 🤍 Check out ymfah's channel: 🤍 I got the wrongwarps from this video: 🤍 100 likes and i will post the sauce of the thumbnail. Title: Beating Elden Ring at LEVEL 1 because I only simp for Ranni #eldenring #ranni #maidenless #level1 #eldenringlevel1 #eldenringmontage #eldenringranni #maiden #level1run #elden #ring #run

Elden Ring Level 1 "Guide"+


Elden Ring All remembrances, but you forgot to level. You really should've leveled. All footage was captured on Patch 1.03 + a bit on 1.04.1 for Elden Ring (PC) Back to it, I hope you all enjoyed this level 1 run of Elden Ring in that classic ymfah-esque style. Go check 'em out, 🤍 ♥ Credits: GKP - For the Dung Eater voice. 🤍 🤍 ♪ SiIvaGunner Team (Mash-up Bops) 🤍 ♪ Blastgird for the Phonk 🤍 ♫ Music Used: ▶🤍 ▶Mods used, reshade.me (Custom Settings) ▶Thank you to the creators of the music!

Mathematically Correct LEVEL 1 Build. | Elden Ring Challenge Run


[ 🤍 i stream daily ] 🜏━━━━🜞🜞🜞𝙀𝙓𝙋𝘼𝙉𝘿 𝙈𝙀🜞🜞🜞━━━━🜏 join my discord community: 🤍 FOLLOW ME HERE ┎┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┒ 𝙏𝙄𝙆𝙏𝙊𝙆 | 🤍 𝙏𝙒𝙄𝙏𝘾𝙃 | 🤍 𝙏𝙒𝙄𝙏𝙏𝙀𝙍 | 🤍 ┖┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┚ 0:00 RULES 1:55 BUILD 4:20 Run SetUp 8:00 Margit in 30 seconds 8:30 Godrick 9:59 WOLF 10:40 Rennala 12:30 Somber 7 Update 13:08 Fatty Sleepy 14:00 TOGETHAAA 15:50 LEONARD 17:45 Morgott 18:50 Fire Giant 19:30 Godskin Duo 21:50 Maliketh 23:30 GodFrey 27:00 FINAL BOSS Thumbnail + Editing by Syrobe

Beating MALENIA at "Level 1" because I only simp for Millicent


Guys, I know samurai doesn't start at lvl 1, you get the point. We staying loyal to Millicent this time, that's why we are going for Malenia in the end. It was painful, don't worry. At least i have a cool video now. ymfah subbed to the channel, biggest flex of my life. Chapters: 0:00 - Intro 1:34 - CHAPTER I: The Needle and the Rot 14:21 - CHAPTER II: Millicent and the Simp 25:47 - CHAPTER III: The Road to the Haligtree 42:18 - CHAPTER IV: Tears of Rotten Blood 55:13 - Outro I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE SONGS USED IN THE VIDEO, ALL THE CREDIT GOES TO THEIR RESPECTIVE AUTHORS. Songs used in order: The Shadow World - Persona 4: Golden New Donk City Daytime - Super Mario Odyssey Tension (Epic Orchestral Music) - DANIELE The Adventure Begins - Kirby's Return to Dream Land Midna's Lament -The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess King Dedede's Theme - Super Smash Bros. Brawl Sky Tower - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Gusty Garden Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy Ballad of the Godess - The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Starship Mario 3 - Super Mario Galaxy 2 Good Egg Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy Fossil Falls - Super Mario Odyssey Corneria - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Rosalina in the Observatory 1 - Super Mario Galaxy Stickerbush Symphony - Super Smash Bros. Brawl Game Over - Sonic 1 Honeycomb Highway - Sonic Lost World Find Your One Way - Guilty Gear: Strive Gaur Plain - Xenoblade Chronicles The Legendary Air Ride Machine - Kirby Air Ride Bowser's Galaxy Generator - Super Mario Galaxy 2 The Disaster of Passion - Guilty Gear: Strive Midna's Lament -The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess BFG Division - Doom 2016 Battle Hymn of the Soul - GaMetal Remix (just go check him out 🤍 Bubbly Clouds - Kirby Super Star Ultra Other Sources: Thumbnail Malenia art: 🤍 Thumbnail Millicent "art": 🤍 Godskin skip by Blade: 🤍 The Beauty of Elden Ring: 🤍 The Wilderness of Caelid: 🤍 Thank you all so much for the support Tags lol: #eldenring #millicent #maidenless #malenia #quest #level1 #eldenringlevel1 #eldenringmontage #eldenringmillicent #eldenringmalenia #maiden #level1run #elden #ring #run #waterfowl #dance

Can you Beat Elden Ring at Rune Level 1? (Elden Ring CHALLENGE)


Elden Ring is a vast game about your journey throughout the Lands Between. It's a journey about growth, and how you become stronger and better over the run. But what is we never got stronger? What if we never Levelled Up? What if we beat the game at the base Rune Level 1? Check out the whole playthrough: 🤍 Join the Discord, the Arcade! 🤍 The Elden Ring Challenge Playlist: 🤍 The Dark Souls Challenge Playlist: 🤍 Special thanks to DontRachQuit: 🤍 Press Continue: 🤍

How I Beat Elden Ring at Level 1


This isnt meant to be a guide just a video describing how I beating Elden Ring at level 1. If you're intrested in the music used here is a link to all of the ones I used in the video: 🤍

Elden Ring at LEVEL 1 as a Souls Veteran isn't that hard... is it?


This is my first time playing through Elden Ring at Level 1! Rules are as follows: Wretch starting class (lvl.1), no levelling up the character, weapons CAN be upgraded, must defeat all Remembrance and Main Bosses for credits. I use the Serpent Hunter +10, Flame Grant Me Strength, Redmane Flame, Golden Vow and Physick flask with the spiked crystal tear and the strength crystal tear. I also used the Buckler to parry Malenia and a few other Bosses. I Beat Elden Ring Without Taking a Hit - 🤍 Elden Ring BUT Viewers CONTROL it - https://🤍 My Latest Guitar Cover - 🤍 #eldenring #lvl1 #eldenringallbosses

Elden Ring Level 1 Speedrun in 3:11:59 - All Remembrances


Pretty decent attempt for my second run of this category. Hope you enjoy! I stream everyday at 🤍 Follow me on twitter! 🤍 Join the Distcord Server Now! 🤍

Elden Ring - Lvl1 Wretch VS Malenia Blade of Miquella [Solo, No Damage, Parry Kill]


Cold Club +25, Buckler, Blue Dancer Charm, Radagon's Soreseal, Ritual Sword Talisman, Flask (Spiked Cracked Tear, Greenburst Crystal Tear)

I tried to beat Elden Ring on Level 1 in an "EASY" way...


So i completed my first Level 1 challenge run of Elden Ring. Was some good fun, now only Malenia is left... 💬 Check out TotoTriceps Live on Twitch right now: 🤍 🔴 Join our Community in Discord Now: 🤍 🐦Go force TotoTriceps to use Twitter: 🤍 🎬 Watch our most recent videos: 🤍 🤍 🤍 A really cool Elden Ring challenge run i came up with, i though it was going to be a much bigger disaster but it turned into one of the most fun challenges! Also guys if you have your opinions and reactions on how my future content should be, and any other general things about the content, please post them into the comments below! And thanks to everyone that watches these videos, really appreciate it and its a huge honor to me :) 🕘Timestamps: 00:00 - Cool Intro! 00:30 - The Meat. The style of this video is similar to Iron Pineapple and LilAggy in parts. A large influence on this channel are those guys and of course InfernoPlus .I give my thanks to these guys that inspire my content :D #eldenring #darksouls #challengerun

How to ONE SHOT Elden Ring at LEVEL 1 (World First)


Here is my journey to One Shot everything in Elden Ring with a LEVEL 1 WRETCH. No leveling, no gear unless I One Shot everything. I will need to 1 shot enemies guarding the gear I need, 1 shot the bosses blocking progression, and One shot both Radagon and the Elden Beast. This is my quest to become the first player in history to One Shot everything in Dark Souls, and then the first player in history to One Shot everything in Elden Ring! Hopefully this run will guide you to 1 shot everything in Elden Ring on your next play through! Enjoy the insane damage nobody realized a level one character could be capable of in Elden Ring! 🎥🎥 How to Start with a +25 Weapon No Bosses ~ 🤍 🎥🎥 🎥🎥 Buff Routing Explained 24x more Damage ~🤍 🎥🎥 🎥🎥 Mountaintop Zip Explained ~ 🤍 🎥🎥 🎥🎥 Wrong Warping on Current Patch ~ 🤍 🎥🎥 🎥🎥 New Volcano Zip for Bridge Jump ~ 🤍 🎥🎥 🎥🎥 Consecrated Snowfield Jump Skip ~ 🤍 🎥🎥 🎥🎥 Tumblebuffing ~ 🤍 🎥🎥 🎥🎥 Moveswap ~ 🤍 🎥🎥 Thanks For Watching! - Our Elden Ring Guides Website►► 🤍 Playlists for all my Guides►►🤍 Twitch ►► 🤍 TikTok ►► 🤍 Non Gaming Channel►► 🤍 Discord ►► 🤍 - Join The Titus Army And Choose Your Rank ⚔►► 🤍 - Our Best Videos 🎥 World First Elden Ring One Shot Boss Challenge: 🤍 OP in 15 Min 1 Shot Lightning God Guide: 🤍 RL150 Boss One Shot Faith Lightning Build: 🤍 OP In 10 Min Samurai Bleed God: 🤍 RL 125 OP Samurai Bleed God: 🤍 Secret LvL1 One Shot Build Starter: 🤍 Somber Stones 1-9 in 15 Minutes: 🤍 Record Damage One Shot Dragon Age: 🤍 - 0:00 Intro 0:54 Chapter 1 9:33 Chapter 2 14:30 Chapter 3 20:50 Chapter 4 25:09 Chapter 5 🤍EldenRingNews 🤍bandainamcoentertainment 🤍BandaiNamcoAmerica #eldenring #oneshot #bosses #level1 🤍powerbazinga

Elden Ring - RL1 No Hit Run (no leveling up)


You think a no hit run of Elden Ring is hard? Try doing a no hit run... without leveling up at all! That is what an RL1 (Rune Level 1) run is like. In this challenge, Hob isn't allowed to level up any stats. He just has to finish the game using his starting levels, and find a way to complete the game. Thankfully, there are ways to make your character powerful, despite being low level. And on June 29th 2022, Hob finished the game doing just that! Next up: the impossible! God Run 3. If you want to see The Happy Hob live in action, be sure to check out his Twitch page and join the Followship at 🤍 Follow Hob on Twitter: 🤍 Follow Hob on Instagram: 🤍 Video, overlays and artwork edited and produced by KaufLive: 🤍

ELDEN RING Level 1 Solo Playthrough (Pt. 1) - No Maidens?


RL1 let's goooo!! Lotta collection early on and dabbling with some progression. Lordsworn's Straight Sword, Misericorde, and Uchigatana. Trying to avoid going too bleed heavy with it. Enjoy! Watch live at 🤍

Elden Ring In 1 HIT ~ LEVEL 1 Edition 🏆⚔ (Melee Only One Shot Challenge)


This is a guide to show how I was able to kill every mandatory boss in Elden Ring with 1 Hit (Melee only). Following my Level 1 One Shot Challenge, I realized I wanted to do everything in truly 1 HIT fashion, one shots are cool, with incantations like ancient dragon's lightning strike, but 1 hit Bonks are even cooler, and what is cooler that killing every boss with one hit at Level one? Links for guides on skips used: Mountaintops Zip/Skip ~ 🤍 Wrong Warping on Current Patch ~ 🤍 New Volcano Zip for Bridge Jump ~ 🤍 Consecrated Snowfield Jump Skip ~ 🤍 Tumblebuffing ~ 🤍 Moveswap ~ 🤍 Thanks For Watching! - Link Tree ►►🤍 Our Elden Ring Guides Website►► 🤍 Playlists for all my Guides►►🤍 Twitch ►► 🤍 TikTok ►► 🤍 Non Gaming Channel►► 🤍 Twitter ►► 🤍 Discord ►► 🤍 - Join The Titus Army And Choose Your Rank ⚔►► 🤍 - Our Best Videos 🎥 World First Elden Ring One Shot Boss Challenge: 🤍 OP in 15 Min 1 Shot Lightning God Guide: 🤍 RL150 Boss One Shot Faith Lightning Build: 🤍 OP In 10 Min Samurai Bleed God: 🤍 RL 125 OP Samurai Bleed God: 🤍 Secret LvL1 One Shot Build Starter: 🤍 Somber Stones 1-9 in 15 Minutes: 🤍 Record Damage One Shot Dragon Age: 🤍 - 0:00 Chapter 1 8:39 Chapter 2 12:27 Chapter 3 16:39 Chapter 4 24:09 Chapter 5 🤍BandaiNamcoAmerica 🤍bandainamcoentertainment 🤍IGN 🤍rockpapershot 🤍gamespot 🤍gameinformer #eldenring #oneshot #onehit #level1

Elden Ring Level 1 Speedrun in 2:32:16 - All Remembrances


Getting better at this category but its quite tough. Luc1 too hard to catch up to. I stream everyday at 🤍 Follow me on twitter! 🤍 Join the Distcord Server Now! 🤍

Elden Ring Level 1 Speedrun in 2:17:46 - All Remembrances


Getting there! Category is rough I stream everyday at 🤍 Follow me on twitter! 🤍 Join the Distcord Server Now! 🤍

Level 1 Op In 15 Minutes Guide (RL1 Boss Killer) | Elden Ring


This is our Elden Ring OP in 15 Minutes guide to start a Level 1 Wretch out as strong as possible. If you're looking for more of a step-by-step walkthrough of this same build, you can check it out here - 🤍 - as well as the Elden Beast Boss Killer Guide (RL150 Boss One Shot God) here - 🤍 Thanks For Watching! - Link Tree ►►🤍 Our Elden Ring Guides Website►► 🤍 Playlists for all my Guides►►🤍 Twitch ►► 🤍 TikTok ►► 🤍 Non Gaming Channel►► 🤍 Twitter ►► 🤍 Discord ►►🤍 - Join The Titus Army And Choose Your Rank ⚔►► 🤍 - Our Best Videos 🎥 World First Elden Ring One Shot Boss Challenge: 🤍 OP in 15 Min 1 Shot Lightning God Guide: 🤍 RL150 Boss One Shot Faith Lightning Build: 🤍 OP In 10 Min Samurai Bleed God: 🤍 RL 125 OP Samurai Bleed God: 🤍 Secret LvL1 One Shot Build Starter: 🤍 Somber Stones 1-9 in 15 Minutes: 🤍 Record Damage One Shot Dragon Age: 🤍 - 0:00 Chapter 1 | Limgrave 5:04 Chapter 2 | Caelid 8:10 Chapter 3 | Liurnia of the Lakes 10:04 Chatper 4 | Volcano Manor 15:03 Chapter 5 | Additional Prep and Margit Destruction

Level 1 Boss Killer Big Damage Build | Terminator | Elden Ring


🤍://titustv.net/ - *Come see our Website with all of our Content In one place!* 🤍 - Come hop in the stream. *Discord* 🤍 *Full Walkthrough Version* - 🤍 *Link to an Organized Set of Playlists for all my Builds/Guides* : 🤍 0:00 Intro 0:07 Build Damage Showcase 0:59 Build Start 1:15 Steed from Melina 1:29 Whetstone Knife 1:43 Spirit Calling Bell from Renna 1:55 Strength Knot Crystal Tear 2:12 Golden Vow 2:36 Somber Smithing Stone 1 2:48 Fort Haight / Dectus Medallion (L) 3:18 Castleward Tunnel 3:34 Third Church of Marika / Sacred Tear and Flask 4:00 Third Church of Marika / Teleport to Caelid with Waygate 4:09 Fort Faroth Grace 4:14 Somber Smithing Stones 8 & 9 5:01 Roundtable / Dagger / Finger Seal 5:24 Flame of the Redmanes 5:41 Flame Grant Me Strength 5:56 Somber Smithing Stone 4 6:13 Two Fingers Heirloom 6:29 Purified Ruins Waygate 6:39 South Academy Gate Grace 6:44 Academy Glintstone Key 7:00 Somber Smithing Stone 3 7:10 Carian Knight Armor Set 7:30 Volcano Manor Warp 8:11 Somber Smithing Stone 6 8:27 Somber Smithing Stone 5 8:44 Optional Somber Smithing Stone 7 Bridge Jump 9:16 Volcano Manor Exit 10:10 Imbued Sword Key 10:24 Crumbling Farum Azula Wrong Warp 12:52 Hero's Rune (2) 13:00 Golden Rune (12) 13:13 Somberstone Miner's Bell Bearing 4 13:23 Somber Smithing Stone 7 13:29 Irina's Letter 13:47 Axe Talisman 14:02 Spiked Cracked Tear 14:15 Fort Faroth / Dectus Medallion (R), Golden Rune (12) and Radagon Soreseal 14:53 Morning Star 15:08 Roundtable 15:58 Grand Lift of Dectus 16:07 Smithing Stone Miner's Bell Bearing 2 16:40 Somber Smithing Stone 2 / Smithing-Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing 1 17:16 Turn in Bell Bearings / Purchase Smithing Stones 17:45 Claymore 18:12 Buy Smithing Stones 18:34 Upgrade Claymore +12 19:08 Edgar Location 19:33 Leonine Misbegotten / Grafted Blade Greatsword 20:34 Margit / Talisman Pouch 21:08 Starscourge Heirloom 21:48 Fort Faroth Sleeping Dragon Duplication Rune Farming Glitch 22:14 Upgrade Grafted Blade Greatsword +9 22:38 Toughness Showcase 22:55 Damage Potential Overview 24:00 Additional Resources

Reaching MAX Level in JUST Elden Rings Starting Area


Reaching MAX Level in Elden Rings Starting Area by 100%ing Limgrave. What ends up being the BEST rune farm and how long will it take? Might even be a good DLC preparation lol. Let me know in the comments what your guess is! ♫ Music: Qumu: Luigi's Mansion - Talking with Ghosts [Remix] 🤍 ► Elden Ring Memes: 🤍 ► Elden Ring Secrets and Tricks: 🤍 ► Elden Ring Glitches & Bugs: 🤍 ► Elden Ring Content: 🤍 NEVER MISS AN UPLOAD [Subscribe to the channel] ► 🤍 GO THE EXTRA MILE [Become a member] ► 🤍 TIMESTAMPS: ► 0:00 - Introduction ► 0:10 - Why Elden Ring ► 0:37 - Runes ► 0:59 - Limgrave ► 1:23 - The Plan ► 2:26 - The Run ► 3:35 - The Result ► 3:54 - Best Rune Farm #eldenring #meme

WORLD RECORD Level 1 Glitchless Speedrun in 2:07:16 (All Remembrances)


First deathless run :) Still gonna keep grinding for a 2:05 or so hopefully but pretty happy with this run atleast! I stream everyday at 🤍 Follow me on twitter! 🤍 Join the Distcord Server Now! 🤍

Elden Ring - Lvl1 Wretch VS Radagon & Elden Beast [Solo, No Damage]


Cold Club +25, Blue Dancer Charm, Radagon's Soreseal, Red-Feathered Branchsword, Axe Talisman, Flask (Spiked Cracked Tear, Greenburst Crystal Tear)

Level 1 Runner tries Max Level for the first time - Elden Ring 1.07 [NG+7, No Damage]


Who would've known, the game is pretty fun when you level up :) A compilation of all Main bosses/Remembrance bosses in NG+7 (max New Game cycle) fought at Max Level 713 using a variety of weapons, sorceries, incantations and ashes of war to showcase the changes and buffs of Elden Ring patch 1.07. Each bossfight was done with different setups and playstyles with a focus on cinematic fights over true efficiency from my usual challenge kills, and I think it turned out pretty well ! Gear and spells used, in order of apparition : Howl of Shabriri, Glintstone Phalanx, Carian sword (Carian Grandeur), Dragonlord's Cragblade, Clawmark Seal, Cinquedea, Bestial Sling, Beast Claw, Stone of Gurranq, Halo Scythe, Black Blade, Lightning spear, Triple Rings of Light, Regal Omen Bairn, Morgott's Curved Sword, Scythe, Azure's Staff, Giant Seal, Flame of the Fell God, Giantsflame Take Thee, Frenzied Seal, Unendurable Frenzy, Rotten Greataxe, Rotten Staff, Scarlet Aeonia, Serpent-Hunter, Golden Order Seal, Lusat's Staff, Freezing Mist, Adula's moonblade, Blackflame Orb, Glinststone Icecrag, Founding Rain of Stars, Lightning Strike, Royal Greatsword, Aspect of the Crucible : Breath, Glintstone Cometshard, Bolt of Gransax, Rock Sling, Greatlance (Giant Hunt), Meteorite, Magma Whip Candlestick, Flame Fall Upon Them, Agheel's Flame, O' Flame, Starscourge Greatswords, Lightning Spear/Partizan, Rivers of Blood, Moonveil, Terra Magica, Loretta's Mastery, Stars of Ruin, Giant-Crusher (Royal Knight's Resolve), Night Shard, Death Ritual Spear, Black Flame Ritual, Borealis's Mist, Frozen Lightning Spear, Carian Scepter, Zamor Curved Sword, Golden Vow, Deaht's Poker, Fortissax's Lightning Spears, Godskin Peeler (Black Flame Tornado), Ancient Dragon's Lightning Strike, Scavenger's Curved Sword (Seppuku), Meteorite of Astel, Lion Greatbow, Envoy Longhorn, Lordsworn's Straight Sword (Flaming Strike), Warhawk's Talon (Lightning Slash), Maliketh's Black Blade, Poison Mist, Ordovis's Greatsword, Greyoll's Roar, Placidusax's Ruin, Star Fists (Raptor of the Mists), Moonlight Greatsword, Shattering Crystal, Great Oracular Bubble, Ranni's Dark Moon, Death Lightning, Aspect of the Crucible : Horns, Siluria's Great Spear, Flame Knight's Greatsword (Lion's Claw), The Flame of Frenzy, Dragonfire, Flame Hammer (Flaming Strike), Whirl O'Flame, Pest Threads, Eochaid's Dancing Blade, Godslayer's Greatsword. Bonus items : Bloodboil Aromatics, Godrick's Great Rune sometimes for the meme, and my favorite fashion armor (Fingerprint set + Knight helmet). Boss order and timestamps : 00:00 Introduction 1:50 Grafted Scion 2:26 Margit, the Fell Omen 3:21 Godrick the Grafted 4:22 Red Wolf of Radagon 5:00 Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon 6:17 Starscourge Radahn 7:35 God-devouring Serpent/Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy 10:00 Mimic Tear 12:21 Astel, Naturalborn of the Void 13:57 Regal Ancestor Spirit 14:59 Draconic Tree Sentinel 15:39 Godfrey, First Elden Lord (Illusion) 16:23 Morgott, the Omen King 17:17 Valiant Gargoyles 18:21 Lichdragon Fortissax 19:39 Mohg, Lord of Blood 21:30 Fire Giant 23:37 Godskin Duo 24:39 Dragonlord Placidusax 26:23 Beast Clergyman/Maliketh, The Black Blade 27:45 Sir Gideon Ofnir, The All-Knowing 28:43 Godfrey, First Elden Lord/Hoarah Loux, Warrior 30:25 Commander Niall 32:30 Loretta, Knight of the Haligtree 33:47 Malenia, Blade of Miquella 36:25 Radagon of the Golden Order & Elden Beast 38:50 Outro Intro background music : Bloodborne DLC OST - Ludwig the Accursed / Holy Blade Outro bacjground music : Hollow Knight OST - City of Tears Champion's Respite server for Level 1 runs, boss resources and guides : 🤍 My other Elden Ring Rune Level 1 kills so far : 🤍 #eldenring #fromsoftware #bossfight #eldenringboss #maxlevel #maxlevelgameplay

Can I Beat Elden Ring by 1 Shotting the Bosses?


Enjoy! - Twitch ►► 🤍 Twitter ►► 🤍 Discord ►► 🤍 - Join as a channel Member! 🤍 - My Streaming Setup! CPU ►► 🤍 Graphics Card ►► 🤍 Capture Card ►► 🤍 Monitor ►► 🤍 Microphone ►► 🤍 Camera ►► 🤍 Mouse ►► 🤍 Keyboard ►► 🤍 - Other Videos! 1 Shotting Elden Ring: 🤍 Elden Ring, But Everything is Malenia: 🤍 Can I Beat Elden Ring With Only Parries and Ripostes: 🤍 Elden Ring Karen Build: 🤍

I tried an ELDEN RING Level 1 Randomizer but I have to equip every item I find


🤍 🤍 🤍 ELDEN RING RL1 Randomizer with a twist Twitter: 🤍 Stream: 🤍 Second channel: 🤍 Game: ELDEN RING 🤍 Intro song by Hansult ▼ 🤍 Outro theme by 319.▼ 🤍 ELDEN RING Gameplay

Can you beat ELDEN RING at LEVEL 1 taking ZERO HITS?


Hi, I beat the game (any%) again without getting hit except this time I didn't even level. TWITCH: 🤍 DISCORD: 🤍 TWITTER: 🤍 I use the Serpent Hunter (weapon from Rykard Arena) along with Flame of the Redmanes for most of the fights. Most routes so far do margit/godrick but I do rykard/radahn instead cause I think its faster. 0:00 Intro & Grafted Scion 5:02 Setup 1:05:57 Starscourge Radahn 1:09:33 Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy 1:17:40 Draconic Tree Sentinel 1:23:14 Godfrey Spirit 1:25:38 Morgott, the Omen King 1:43:05 Fire Giant 1:53:40 Godskin Duo 2:03:24 Beast Clergyman / Malekith 2:07:38 Sir Gideon Ofnir, the All-Knowing 2:11:48 Godfrey / Hoarah Loux, Warrior 2:15:19 Radagon of the Golden Order 2:16:46 Elden Beast 2:18:01 VICTORY 2:20:27 Elden Lord 2:24:48 Looking back at my first run of the night... #eldenring #speedrun #nohit #twitch #hitless #eldenringgameplay #eldenringclips

Can You Beat Elden Ring At NEGATIVE level 80?


I try to beat Elden Ring at NEGATIVE level 80, meaning I have 1 in every stat, so I can't use almost any weapon in the game This also means that i can use everything else, and that I go down in one hit, so I'm no sure if it's actually doable So yeah it's basically an extreme rune level 1 I didn't know if a tutorial video or a challenge video that assumes you know the game was better, so I did a bit of both. Hope you enjoy, subscribe to see more. Also check my other elden ring challenges, like can you elden ring if every boss makes it faster you can follow me on twitter (lmaooo) at 🤍 Can you beat this challenge like I did? The music was taken from the YouTube audio library and from the game's soundtrack. And also I want to credit Ludwig and JSchlatts Musical Emporium for the two final tracks, thanks guys they are great This challenge run was hard, but still fun to do and I hope funny and entertaining. #CanYouBeat #EldenRing #Challenge #NegativeLevel

This Elden Ring Rune Level 1 Run Is Going To Be EASY...Right?!?


Drop a like on the video if you enjoyed And Want To See More :) Catch Me Live On Stream - 🤍 Subscribe! 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Merch Store - 🤍 MY DISCORD! - 🤍



Watch the unedited run here: 🤍 Enjoy! - Twitch ►► 🤍 Twitter ►► 🤍 Discord ►► 🤍 - Join as a channel Member! 🤍 - My Streaming Setup! CPU ►► 🤍 Graphics Card ►► 🤍 Capture Card ►► 🤍 Monitor ►► 🤍 Microphone ►► 🤍 Camera ►► 🤍 Mouse ►► 🤍 Keyboard ►► 🤍 - Other Videos! 1 Shotting Elden Ring: 🤍 Elden Ring, But Everything is Malenia: 🤍 Can I Beat Elden Ring With Only Parries and Ripostes: 🤍 Elden Ring Karen Build: 🤍

Elden Ring - Walkthrough Part 1: Getting Started in the Lands Between


This walkthrough will cover everything needed to obtain a Platinum trophy. THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG. Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between. • A Vast World Full of Excitement A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected. As you explore, the joy of discovering unknown and overwhelming threats await you, leading to a high sense of accomplishment. • Create your Own Character In addition to customizing the appearance of your character, you can freely combine the weapons, armor, and magic that you equip. You can develop your character according to your play style, such as increasing your muscle strength to become a strong warrior, or mastering magic. • An Epic Drama Born from a Myth A multilayered story told in fragments. An epic drama in which the various thoughts of the characters intersect in the Lands Between. • Unique Online Play that Loosely Connects You to Others In addition to multiplayer, where you can directly connect with other players and travel together, the game supports a unique asynchronous online element that allows you to feel the presence of others. Elden Ring Walkthrough: 🤍 #EldenRing #Walkthrough #FightinCowboy Leave a Tip here: 🤍 Become a YouTube member: 🤍 Livestreams are daily and can always be found at 🤍 Discord: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Whether it's a headset or a keyboard, Logitech has the best gaming peripherals around. 🤍 Use Amazon a bunch? Go through my affiliate link to help support me at no cost to you! 🤍 All recordings and streams are done using OBS, an Elgato 4K60 Pro, an Elgato Facecam, and a Samson G Track Pro Mic. About FightinCowboy: Content Creator, variety streamer, and professional weeb. I like to play games and make people laugh. FightinCowboy 🤍

Elden Ring rune farm speedrun, level 1 to 100 in UNDER 75 MINUTES


This Elden Ring speedrun will show you how to go from new character to level 100 in less than 75 minutes! Timestamps: 0:00 Introduction 0:41 Tutorial completed 2:12 Startup and getting the horse 5:47 Rune Gathering and Icerind Hatchet 14:54 Upgrades, Leveling, Longbow, and Spirit Calling Bell 16:50 Margit Fight 18:13 Castle Deathrun 20:26 Godric Fight 22:50 Enia, Fowl Foot, Arrows 25:00 White Faced Varre Questline 31:14 Grafted Scion Fight 34:30 Finishing Varre and Bloody Palace Runthrough 37:00 The Grind 1:15:25 Level 100 1:16:27 End Outro Socials: Twitch: 🤍 Discord: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Elden Ring boss fight guides: Erdtree Burial Watchdog boss guide: 🤍 Flying Dragon Agheel boss guide: 🤍 Godrick the Grafted boss guide: 🤍 Margit the Fell Omen boss guide: 🤍 Tree sentinel boss guide: 🤍 Mohg Lord of Blood exploit: 🤍 General Radahn cheese: 🤍 Godfrey the first elden lord cheese: 🤍 Malenia boss guide: 🤍 Raw no armor club boss fights: lvl 1 tree sentinel fight: 🤍 no armor Margit the Fell Omen fight: 🤍 Item Locations: Antspur Rapier location: 🤍 Azur comet location: 🤍 Berserk dragon slayer sword: 🤍 Eclipse Shotel location: 🤍 End game arrow shop: 🤍 Flame, grant me strength location: 🤍 Greatshield talisman location: 🤍 Lightning Spear location: 🤍 Reduvia Dagger location: 🤍 Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone location: 🤍 Spiked Caestus location: 🤍 Twinblade location: 🤍 Winged Scythe: 🤍 Elden Ring Guides: 4.6 million per hour rune cheat: 🤍 2.3 million per hour rune farm: 🤍 10k per minute early game rune farm: 🤍 Level 1 to 35 in 14 minutes: 🤍 best shield: 🤍 best afk rune farm: 🤍 AFK 50k/hour rune farming exploit: 🤍 Early game 180k runes per hour: 🤍 350k per hour rune farm cheat: 🤍 Best Summon: 🤍 Rune farming talisman: 🤍 Ultimate stats guide: 🤍 Smithing stone guide: 🤍 How bleed actually works: 🤍 How to level up summons: 🤍 How to unlock crafting: 🤍 How to unlock the horse: 🤍 This is an Elden Ring rune farm early game. You can get fast Elden Ring level up with these Elden Ring speedrun strats. If you're going to do the Elden Ring rune farm bird you should instead start with this on a new character. This is an Elden Ring rune farm after patch, all of this will still work. It's an Elden Ring rune farm 1.03. It's not an Elden Ring rune glitch, all these tricks are glitchless for the most part. Even if you want an Elden Ring rune farm mid game this is good, but not an Elden Ring rune farm late game because there's a faster farm after you beat the game. This all leads to an Elden Ring rune farm location. This is not an Elden Ring rune farm for beginners, doing it this way take a bit of skill. If you're looking for an Elden Ring rune farm level 50, this is so much smarter to do. You'll get to see the Elden Ring rune farm mohgwyn, it's included. Also in this run we do an Elden Ring Omen the Fell Omen boss fight low level, and also you'll get to see an Elden Ring boss fight no hit. I did an Elden Ring speedrun 1.03 for rune farming, it's also an Elden Ring speedrun glitchless and an Elden Ring rune farm after patch. If you're trying to an Elden Ring level 100 build, use this speedrun to get there fast. If you want an Elden Ring leveling guide, this is probably the best video on the internet right now. This Elden Ring xp farm is so cool, it doesn't use any Elden Ring xp glitch to do it this fast. This Elden Ring xp exploit with the bird is so to do this early. This is the best early game Elden Ring xp farm after patch. If you need an Elden Ring xp farm early game, this is the best. It's a great Elden Ring xp grind. If you need Elden Ring rune farming early, this Elden Ring rune farming location is great. Elden Ring rune farming after patch is still great. It's the best Elden Ring rune farming exploit method. No Elden Ring rune glitch.

Elden Ring Ultimate LEVELLING UP Guide For New Players & Beginners - Level 1 to 300+ FASTEST METHOD


If you are a new player to Elden Ring or have not long started, this complete comprehensive & detailed guide on levelling up will help you loads. ✅►Become A MEMBER Of The Channel - 🤍 ✅►SUBCRIBE FOR MORE - 🤍 ✅►Follow Me On Twitter: 🤍 ✅►Follow My Instagram: 🤍 ✅►Join My DISCORD - 🤍 Elden Ring: The Ultimate Levelling Guide For new Players - Fastest Way To Level Up To End Game Timestamps: 00:00 - Fastest New Player Level Up Guide Intro 01:20 - Get your mount 01:37 - 75k Free Runes Exploit Step 1 - Get a weapon with bloodloss build up applied to it - How To Get Uchigatana 03:54 - 75k Free Runes Exploit Step 2 - Traveling To Fort Foroth Grace 06:03 - 75k Free Runes Exploit Step 3 - Kill Idle Dragon For 75k Runes 06:44 - 40k Free Runes Glitch Step 1 - Traveling To Lennes Rise Grace Point 07:45 - 40k Free Runes Glitch Step 2 - Change Time Of Day To "Until Nightfall" 07:48 - 40k Free Runes Glitch Step 3 - Kite Night's Cavalry For 40k Free Runes 08:50 - 8k Runes Per Minute Farm (Not apart of this level up guide method) 09:10 - Goto Caelem Ruins Grace Point - How To Get Rotten Stray Spirit Summon Ashes 11:12 - Goto Caelem Ruins Grace Point - Goto Minor Erdtree Catacombs To Get Grave Glovewort [3] [4] [5] 13:05 - Goto First Step Grace Point (Beginning Of Game) & Clear NPC (White-Faced Varre) Of All Dialogue 13:21 - Goto Tombsward Catacombs To Get Grave Glovewort [1] [2] 14:59 - Goto First Step Grace Point (Beginning Of Game) & Head To Murkwater Cave 16:23 - Fight Patches But DO NOT KILL HIM when he surrenders 16:58 - Buy The Margit's Shackle From Patches 17:51 - Goto The Church Of Ellah & Speak With Renna To Get Your Spirit Calling Bell 18:22 - Goto the Stormhill Shack To Speak With Roderika 18:59 - How To Get The Arrow's Reach Talisman 19:25 - Go back To The Stormhill Shack & Then Head To Margit Boss Fight 19:46 - How To Cheese Margit, The Fell Omen 22:25 - How To Unlock All Stormveil Castle Grace Points 23:47 - How To Cheese Knight & Get Rusty Key In Stormveil Castle 25:58 - How To Get Chrysalids' Momento For Roderika 26:50 - Head Back To Roderika & Give Her The Chrysalids' Momento 27:09 - Head To The Round Table & Exhaust All Roderika's & The Weapon Smithings Dialogue 27:44 - Upgrade Your Rotten Stray Spirit Summon Via Roderika 28:21 - Goto The Secluded Cell Grace To Fight Godrick 28:34 - How To Cheese Godrick The Grafted 29:58 - Activate Godricks Grace Point & Then Head Back To The First Step Grace 30:04 - Speak With White-Faced Varre & clear Out all his dialogue & then goto the round table & speak with two fingers 30:24 - Head back to the first step grace 30:35 - White-Faced Varre quest pt1 - Interact with the glowing plaque to start a new quest for the Pureblood Knight's Medal 30:52 - White-Faced Varre quest pt2 - Goto the rose church and talk with White-Faced Varre 32:52 - Talk with White-Faced Varre & exhaust all his dialogue 33:01 - goto the fallen ruins of the lake grace 33:21 - White-Faced Varre quest pt3 - Goto the churh of ellah grace & use the festering bloody finger & invade 3 other people 33:54 - White-Faced Varre quest pt4 - Go back to the rose church & talk with White-Faced Varre 34:11 - White-Faced Varre quest pt5 - Take The Lord Of Bloods Favor Cloth to the Church Of Inhibition 36:18 - Vendor who sells a bow & arrows 37:58 - White-Faced Varre quest pt6 - Soak cloth in blood & then head back to White-faced varre 38:35 - How To Get Pureblood Knight's Medal 38:54 - use the Pureblood Knight's Medal & teleport to mohgwyn palace 39:03 - 400k+ Free Runes Exploit Step 1 - Head to Mohg, Lord Of Blood Boss Fight 40:37 - 400k+ Free Runes Exploit Step 2 - How To Cheese Mohg, Lord Of Blood Boss 42:11 - 12k Runes every 10 seconds farm method 42:40 - With a bow & arrows use the Pureblood Knight's Medal & follow the path to the farm spot #EldenRing #EldenRingLevelUp #EldenRingFastLevelUp

Elden Ring: 10 Things You Can Only Do At MAX LEVEL


Elden Ring (PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S/One) still has plenty to do if you're crazy enough to reach max level. Subscribe for more: 🤍

Asmongold's Level 1 Wretch vs Tree Sentinel (Elden Ring Challenge)


Subscribe for more Asmongold Clips! On this Asmongold Youtube Channel You will never quit finding all the funny Asmongold Moments with Mcconnell and best Asmongold Highlights from gameplay of the most popular MMORPGs: like Blizzard's World of Warcraft (WoW Dragonflight & Classic WoW), Diablo Immortal and soon Diablo IV, the record breaking Final Fantasy 14 (FFXIV) and many other popular games like Elden Ring (the first open world Dark Souls game). Also Asmongold Reacts to a lot of content, especially Asmongold Reaction to Speedrun of games, but some of the most interesting creators he really likes to watch include Madseasonshow, Bellular, Internet Historian, Josh Strife Hayes, Zepla, Barny64 and many many more. Some of the most popular content from Asmon also includes his "The True Story of Asmongold" videos, Zackrawrr tree house videos, the legendary WoW Transmog Competition and Mount Off competition, Ban Appeals, Media Share streams, Reddit Recap Reactions and much more. ► Twitch: 🤍 ► Asmongold TV Channel: 🤍 ► 2nd YT Channel: 🤍 ► Twitter: 🤍 ► Sub-Reddit: 🤍 Contacts: ► 🤍 ► dailydoseofasmongoldyt🤍gmail.com #Asmongold

Elden Ring - Level Up FAST with this Early Rune Farm - Best Start Guide for any Class Build!


Elden Ring level up fast with this early rune farm location guide for the best Start Guide for any Class Build - Beginner Walkthrough. 👉 Map Unlock Guide: 🤍 ✅ Metal Posters: 🤍 👉 Best Start Mage Guide: 🤍 👉 Unlimited Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot Farm: 🤍 👉 Golden Scarab Location: 🤍 This Elden Ring starter guide will show you how to get the best start in Elden Ring starting with any class build; Samurai class, astrologer class, confessor class, prisoner class, vagabond class , warrior class, bandit class, hero class, confessor class, prophet class, vagabond class or wretch! This method is a early levelling guide to level up fast in Elden Ring in order to boost your character level and get 100,000 runes without having to farm anything repeatedly. This gives your character a very strong start. I will walkthrough how to get to the best rune farming location and how to increase the amount of runes dropped by monsters with the Gold Pickled Fowl Foot which increases rune acquisition by 30% for a few minutes aswell as the Gold Scarab talisman which boosts your rune acquisition by another 20% permanently while equipped. This walkthrough guide is aimed at Elden Ring beginners who want a kick start to their build. ➖ Time Stamps ➖ 0:00 Video Summery 0:37 Setup: +30% Runes 2:22 Setup: Weapon Location 5:50 Reaching the Farming Location 11:03 How to kill the dragon 14:01 Before you level up 14:33 +50% Runes Tip ➖ My Gear ➖ 💻 Our Custom PC Builds: 🤍 🥤 Get 30% OFF GFuel with Code 'ESO' Here: 🤍 ⚙️ Mod List: 🤍 👕 Merchandise: 🤍 ➖ Follow me! ➖ 📸 Instergram: 🤍 🐤 Twitter: 🤍 📘 Facebook: 🤍 👾 Chat On Discord: 🤍 🟣 Twitch Streams: 🤍 ✉️ Newsletter: 🤍 ➖ Support Me! ➖ 💙 Get Channel Membership: 🤍 💚 Support Me On Patreon: 🤍 ➖ My Other Channels ➖ 🧨 FPS Channel: 🤍 🥃 Whiskey Reviews: 🤍 🎲 Tabletop & Painting: 🤍 🟣 Twitch Streams: 🤍 ► CREDITS: A Special Thanks to my BIG Patron supporters: Seven Fangs, LatorTazor, Abdubari, Rick M, Konna G

Elden Ring - Lvl1 Wretch VS Starscourge Radahn [Solo, No Damage]


Club +17, Blue Dancer Charm, Radagon's Soreseal, Flask (Greenspill Crystal Tear, Greenburst Crystal Tear)

Level 713 In Elden Ring Is Insane... Max Level In Elden Ring


Level 713 In Elden Ring Is Insane... Max Level In Elden Ring is crazy. The amount of HP, Damage, and everything else in between. Max Level is 713 in Elden Ring, which costs a lot of runes. 99 in every stat is the max you could get at max level! Elden Ring is an action role-playing game played in a third-person perspective with gameplay focusing on combat and exploration; it features elements similar to those found in other games developed by FromSoftware, such as the Souls series, Bloodborne, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Director Hidetaka Miyazaki explained that players start with a linear opening but eventually progress to freely explore the Lands Between, including its six main areas, as well as castles, fortresses, and catacombs scattered throughout the open world map. These main areas are interconnected through a central hub that players can access later in the game's progression—similar to Firelink Shrine from Dark Souls—and are explorable using the character's mount as the main mode of transport, although a fast travel system is an available option. Throughout the game, players encounter non-player characters (NPCs) and enemies alike, including the demigods who rule each main area and serves as the game's main bosses. Combat in Elden Ring relies heavily on character-building elements found in previous Souls games and related intellectual properties, such as calculated and close-ranged melee-based combat with the use of skills, magic abilities, as well as blocking and dodging mechanics. Elden Ring introduces mounted combat and a stealth system, the latter being a core gameplay element from Sekiro; these features are expected to encourage players in strategizing their combat approach with each unique enemy they encounter. The game makes use of a player character stamina bar after being absent from Sekiro, although its overall influence over combat was reduced compared to previous FromSoftware games that utilized it. Unlike in Sekiro, resurrection mechanics after in-game death are not available; however, some elements were added to ensure players' progression within the game.[1][4] Miyazaki stated that the customization in Elden Ring would be richer, as players are able to discover different skills through their exploration of the map instead of unlocking skill trees as in Sekiro and differing from the pre-fixed weapon skills of FromSoftware's previous games. These skills are interchangeable with a large variety of weapons which, alongside equipment, magic abilities, and items players can craft using materials found within the world, can be used to customize the player character.[2][4] The game also features summoning mechanics, where players can summon a large variety of collectible spirits hidden throughout the game's world map, including previously defeated enemies, as allies to assist them in battle. Similar to the Souls series, the game's multiplayer allows other players to be summoned for cooperative play.[2][5] Want help growing your Youtube Channel? Check Out TubeBuddy: 🤍 If you enjoyed make sure to leave a like and subscribe if you want more content like this! Discord Link: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 My PC Setup: Microphone Blue Yeti: 🤍 Mic Stand for Yeti: 🤍 Keyboard: 🤍 Mousepad: 🤍 Monitor: 🤍



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Elden Ring - Rune Level 1 Without Stat Boosting Gear - Part 1


Elden Ring RL1 run where all stats remain at 10. No spirits/summons. Any% route for now. Time to actually learn the game. So whenever I don't use or do X even though it would be more effective, chances are it's intentional. 🤍

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