The Google Pixel Fold is Weird.



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Full hands on with the Google Pixel Fold - including battery, camera, specs and price! I spend a LOT of time trying to make my videos as concise, polished and useful as possible for you - if you would like to support me on that mission then consider subscribing to the channel - you'd make my day 😁 For my tech hot takes: 🤍 For my Personal Posts: 🤍 Does anyone still use this anymore?: 🤍 Amazon Affiliate links (if you buy anything through these it will support the channel and allow us to buy better gear!): Amazon US: 🤍 Amazon UK: 🤍 My Filming Gear: 🤍 Music is from Epidemic sound: 🤍

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The Google Pixel Fold is Weird.
The Google Pixel Fold is Weird.
The Google Pixel Fold is Weird.
The Google Pixel Fold is Weird.
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2023-11-27 12:38:17

I think you worked in the nfl to get all this money

2023-11-22 09:08:21

Why complain about bezels ? I like them they help so that i dont accidentally click on display. And it aesthetically looks better in my opinion.

2023-11-13 08:05:42

I want one so bad

2023-11-08 19:15:33

I think my biggest irk with the pixel fold, and many others folding phones, is that it doesn't do anything with the extra space. Like the aspect ratio of the open screen is odd. Its not tall enough or wide enough to justify its existence. Like my main reason for wanting a phone like this is for multitasking and watching videos. I haven't seen where you can have more two apps open at a time, and every video ive seen played on full screen just has huge black bars. Is it really that hard to make a phone that has a 16:9 internal display and give it the ability to multitask better?

2023-11-05 23:28:59

I still dont know what to pick the google or the samsung

2023-10-22 16:40:58

This phone lightly used at $1200 or a new OnePlus Open at $1500? Really want the hardware of the OnePlus but the software of the Pixel so its a tough choice for me.

2023-10-18 11:49:30

They are reviewing the new samsung peach in the background.

2023-10-05 19:50:15

Your thumbnail is more wired than the Google Pixel Fold.

2023-10-01 01:51:38

My galaxy fold 5 has a magic eraser feature too.

2023-09-29 00:40:02

Traded my P7P for the fold and honestly... it's a win for me 🤷

2023-09-28 00:45:30

I want a pixel fold free please may I have one

2023-09-28 00:40:48

Hi I am Gaynelle Comeaux I would care for a Pixel fold free??

2023-09-27 23:33:05

Day 14
Good day Arun
Hope I get lucky with your giveaways here in Africa

2023-09-25 16:44:38

Hi Arun, I bought tye Pixel 7 pro and I use it in the Middle East. As compared to other phones like Samsung S22 ultra pr Apple 13, this phone was heating up and shutting down, and gave a very bad experience. Also the battery performance was horrible. Hope google works to address these issues.

2023-09-25 07:05:35

He is not gonna film outside for a loooooong time

2023-09-17 23:40:34

Can I check out her hardware?

2023-09-15 17:49:01

g_DHKoj7n8U&t=0m51s 0:51 we were watching in school and the teacher went like "oh"

2023-09-10 10:09:43

I think it's the best foldable phone ever created!

2023-09-05 15:40:34

I'm watching you on Android

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