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Nude - Radiohead (cover)


radiohead on the cajon, radiohead covers confirmed thank u leon for the mix 🤍 vocals/guitar: 🤍 bass: 🤍 drums: lele

Nude - Radiohead (Cover by Musogabi)


Probably my favorite Radiohead song. Off my favorite Radiohead album, In Rainbows. I bought the vinyl one day because I liked their other albums and I also knew Weird Fishes/ Arpeggi. I put the vinyl in the back of my car and put on a random song from the album and it ended up being "Nude". As I was driving while listening to this beautiful song that I was hearing for the first time I looked out and saw a double rainbow. I pulled over at a gas station just to get out and admire it. It's kinda cheesy, but this was a pretty cool moment for me. That said, when I got home and listened to the record, I didn't really get it. Even after a bunch of listens the songs never really clicked with me. But a year later the I finally understood the album and now I think every song on this thing is a masterpiece. Anyone who likes Radiohead knows how good this record is. If you don't, go listen :D - micky listen to my originals and support me on bandcamp :) 🤍 instagram: 🤍 soundcloud: 🤍 tiktok: 🤍

Nude - Cover (feat. maxprkr)


Hey YALL Here is a cover of Nude by Radiohead - Instrumental remake and mix by maxprkr (on drums here too). Listen to this with headphones or good speakers because thanks to Max, it will be an absolute treat for your ears compared to the audio production quality of my usual videos. Long time no post!!! I was in a couple of plays which was awesome but it made me super busy. I've also started taking classes in music production. But now that the plays are over I'll have more time with music stuff. Toronto people, I think I'll be playing a live show again by the end of this month as a part of a fundraiser, and will post about it at some point on my instagram. I've been working on things to put out on streaming services! I also got a grant today which will help me with that a lot (very exciting)! Anyway feels good to be back and posting again! this is like one of my first posts where i do NOT say "mic: ShureMV5" at the end lol Instagram and tiktok : lucellis Max's instagram : maxpkr

Nude | Radiohead | From The Basement


This version of 'Nude’ was part of Radiohead's 'In Rainbows - From the Basement' performance which was released in July 2008. ‘Nude’ was the penultimate song of their song and was originally from their 2007 album ‘In Rainbows’. ‘Nude’ was first recorded during sessions for their third album ‘OK Computer’ (1997). They played it during live performances and soon became one of their best-known unreleased tracks. #FromTheBasement #Radiohead #Nude From The Basement features exclusive live music performances with some of the finest A list and emerging talent. Including The White Stripes, Radiohead, Albert Hammond Jr., Beck, Jarvis Cocker, Sonic Youth, PJ Harvey, Mark E Smith, Red Hot Chill Peppers, Feist, Thundercat, José González, Gnarls Barkley, Iggy Pop and The Stooges, Fleet Foxes, The Raconteurs, Band of Horses, Queens of the Stone Age, and many many more.

Nude - Radiohead (as performed by HartAttack a Cappella)


We had a show on 4/20/2015 in the stairwell!

[KPOP IN PUBLIC] (G)I-DLE ((여자)아이들) _ NXDE | Dance Cover by EST CREW from Barcelona


Heyy BYS, EST is back!!🌸✨ Hello my name is yeppi yeppiyo~💋❤️ ——— WE’RE FINALLY BACK YES!!! Missed you so so so much!😭💘🌸 We literally HAD to cover this amazing comeback, Gidle ATE!! And of course we choose the cabaret iconic outfits, we had a hard time sewing bUT we did it🥳 Hope you like it hehe~🫶🏻 As we said, we were busy working in a project, sorry for being kinda inactive, but now we’re ready for those cool comebacks!! So expect more from us! Hope you love our ‘Nxde’ cover! 💋🎥❤️ Stay tuned to our incoming covers, we’re working so hard! You don’t think we’re fragile, do you?☄️💪🏻✨ !!: Wearing a mask isn’t obligatory in Spain anymore yay!😷🌸 Thank you so much Tianhua for recording us today🤍✨ TH: 🤍 If you enjoyed and want to see more, make sure to subscribe, like and share this video! 📼 — EST MERCH: 🤍 BYS! We don’t earn profits from our covers (because of copyright laws), so if it would make you happy to help us, you can do it through PayPal or KO-FI! Everything we earn will be only to make better content and prettier outfits, thank you!!☺️💘🌸 PAYPAL: 🤍 KO-FI: 🤍 ESTAGRAM: 🤍 — 💋MEMBERS: Soyeon - Beneck: 🤍 Shuhua - Nixie: 🤍 YuQi - Sendy: 🤍 Minnie - Carla: 🤍 Miyeon - Juju: 🤍 #GIDLE #NXDE — This video is only used for entertainment purposes, we do not own any of the music nor choreography. All rights of music and choreography belong entire to CUBE Entertainment.

Nude - Radiohead Cover


Our cover of "Nude" by Radiohead from the album In Rainbows. Some people have requested this song & it's also one of my favourites. As usual, my dad played all guitars and programmed all instruments and I did all vocals. (No backing tracks were used). //LINKS & INFO// As always, ALL instruments were played and/or programmed by my father & ALL vocals were sung by me. ♕ OFFICIAL WEBSITE ♕ 🤍 SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 DOWNLOAD iTunes: 🤍 Amazon: 🤍 ReverbNation: 🤍 BandCamp: 🤍 CDBaby: 🤍 For business inquiries: hayleyrichman🤍

[KPOP IN PUBLIC | ONE TAKE] (여자)아이들((G)I-DLE) - 'Nxde' dance cover by BLOOM's


Why you think that 'bout nude? 'Cause your view's so rude 💋Yes, I'm a nude💋 Dancers: 🌸Shuhua - Masha - 🤍 🌸Minnie - Anastasia - 🤍 Soyeon - Yana - 🤍 Miyeon - Lera - 🤍 Yuqi - Dasha - 🤍 SUPPORT BLOOM's UPCOMING PROJECTS 🌸 🤍 🌸 Our contacts: 📩Business inquiries: uzcrew01🤍 ✉️Instagram: 🤍 ✉️Telegram: 🤍 📸Video and edit: 🤍shura_152 Music: (여자)아이들((G)I-DLE) - 'Nxde' We do not own any of the music or choreography #GIDLE #Nxde #KPOPINPUBLIC #여자아이들

Radiohead - Nude(Acoustic Cover)



Radiohead - Nude (cover by Radiotape)


Radiotape's "Live From the Basement" - Nude (Radiohead tribute band) Radiotape are : Francesco Marino (vocals) Gianni Capecchi (guitar) Federico Mazzantini (guitar) Marco Marino (bass) Ravi di Tuccio (drums) Cameras: Erika Vivarelli Mattia Miranda Viviana Marino Nicolà Barghi Recorded 🤍 Elfland Studio, Camugliano (Pi) , Italy. Follow us on Facebook! 🤍

(여자)아이들((G)I-DLE) - 'Nxde' COVER BY 새송|SAESONG


코로나에 걸렸습니다 앓아누워 있는 와중에 업로드가 너무 걱정됐는데 그래도 약 먹고 괜찮아져서 다행입니다 목소리가 안 나와서 마음에 안 드는 부분들 다시 녹음하지는 못 했어요 올리면 어쩐지 후회할 것 같아서 올릴까 말까 고민을 많이 했는데 오랜만에 돌아와서 좋아해 주시던 분들의 댓글이 막 생각나서 용기를 냈슴다 많이 부족해도 그냥 아줌마 많이 아팠나 부다 그렇게 생각해 주세요 😥 병원 가니까 사람이 엄청 많았습니다. 독감 + 코로나 영향인 것 같아요 의사 선생님께서 코로나 환자가 다시 늘어나는 것 같다 하시니 각별히 건강 유의하시고 아프면 바로 병원 가세요!! 꼭..! - 이어폰을 착용하시면 좋아요! ※ I don't have any social media accounts! ※ ※ 인스타 포함 SNS 계정 가지고 있지 않습니다! ※ * 비즈니스 & 협찬 문의 - saesongree🤍 #여자아이들 #nxde #idle

Radiohead - Nude on guitar


Radiohead - Nude I do not own any of this music, it is the sole property of Radiohead and their respective managements. Lyrics: Don't get any big ideas They're not gonna' happen You paint yourself white And fill up with noise There'll be something missing Now that you've found it, it's gone Now that you feel it, you don't You've gone off the rails So, don't get any big ideas They're not gonna' happen You go to hell for what your dirty mind is thinking!

[K-POP IN PUBLIC ONE TAKE] (여자)아이들((G)I-DLE) - 'Nxde' | Dance cover by 3to1


Hello, we are 3to1 dance team from Russia. Hope you'll like our new cover dance ~ For support to new covers, or maybe just indulging us sweets💗 🤍 Instagram : 🤍 Soyeon - Avosuro 🤍 Minnie - Lina 🤍 Yuqi - Jinni 🤍 Miyeon - Alyona 🤍 Shuhua - Ksesha 🤍 FILMED and EDITED by - IG: 🤍gens.worth 🤍official_g_i_dle Music: Nxde Спасибо за предоставление локации ТРЦ «Павелецкая плаза» 🤍user-os6wr8io2z #coverdance #dancecover #kpopcoverdance #kpopcover #kpop #dance #kpopinpublic #3to1 #3to1cdt #aespadancecover #nxde #yuqi #gidle #gidlenxde #shuhua #soyeon #minnie #miyeon #moscow #idle "dance cover" "kpop dance cover" "kpop cover dance" "kpop cover" "kpop" "dance" "kpop in public" "3to1" "3to1 cdt" "3to1 cover dance team" "nxde in public" "kpop in public russia" "gidle in public" ! All necessary used materials, are ONLY for cover dance. Doesn't claim copyrighting etc. !

[KPOP IN PUBLIC] (여자)아이들((G)I-DLE) - 'Nxde' Dance Cover by Majesty Team


#GIDLE #NXDE #KPOPINPUBLIC • Click here if u want to help us grow in quality of our dance covers: 🤍 [ENG] Hi, Majesty Dance Team here! We're here with a new dance cover for (G)I-DLE's 'Nxde'! We were heavily inspired by the amazing meaning behind the song and wanted to show it through the visuals of this video. We hope you will enjoy it, thank you for watching! [PL] Cześć! Tutaj Majesty Dance Team. Wracamy z najnowszym coverem do piosenki Nxde od (G)I-DLE! Byliśmy bardzo zainspirowani przesłaniem utworu i chcieliśmy pokazać to przez stronę wizualną naszego filmiku. Mamy nadzieję, że Wam się spodoba. Miłego oglądania! → 🤍 → 🤍 → 🤍 Filmed by: 🤍 Photos by: 🤍 Edited by: 🤍 Teaser photos edit and thumbnail by: 🤍 Dancers: • Marcin as Soyeon (🤍 • Laura as Yuqi (🤍 • Alina as Shuhua (🤍 • Oliwia as Miyeon (🤍 • Julia as Minnie (🤍 [KR] 안녕하세요 마제스티 댄스팀입니다! (여자)아이들의 'Nxde' 커버 안무를 들고 왔습니다! 우리는 노래 뒤에 숨겨진 놀라운 의미에 크게 영감을 받았고 이 영상의 비주얼을 통해 보여주고 싶었습니다. 즐겁게 감상하시길 바랍니다. 시청해주셔서 감사합니다! [DE] Hallo, Majesty Dance Team hier! Wir sind hier mit einem neuen Dance-Cover für (G)I-DLEs 'Nxde'! Wir waren stark von der erstaunlichen Bedeutung hinter dem Lied inspiriert und wollten es durch die Visuals dieses Videos zeigen. Wir hoffen es gefällt euch, danke fürs Zusehen! [ES] ¡Hola, Majesty Dance Team aquí! ¡Estamos aquí con una nueva versión de baile para 'Nxde' de (G)I-DLE! Nos inspiró mucho el increíble significado detrás de la canción y queríamos mostrarlo a través de las imágenes de este video. Esperamos que lo disfruten, ¡gracias por mirar! [VI] Xin chào, Đội nhảy Majesty đây! Chúng tôi ở đây với một bản dance cover mới cho 'Nxde' của (G)I-DLE! Chúng tôi được truyền cảm hứng mạnh mẽ bởi ý nghĩa tuyệt vời đằng sau bài hát và muốn thể hiện điều đó thông qua hình ảnh của video này. Chúng tôi hy vọng bạn sẽ thích nó, cảm ơn bạn đã xem! [JP] こんにちは、マジェスティダンスチームです! (G)I-DLE「Nxde」の新しいダンスカバーで登場! この曲の背後にある驚くべき意味に大きな影響を受け、このビデオのビジュアルを通してそれを示したいと思いました。 ご覧いただきありがとうございます。 [UK] Привіт, танцювальна команда Majesty! Ми тут з новим танцювальним кавером на пісню (G)I-DLE "Nxde"! Нас надихнув дивовижний зміст пісні, і ми хотіли показати це за допомогою візуальних елементів цього відео. Сподіваємось, вам сподобається, дякуємо за перегляд! [FR] Salut, Majesty Dance Team ici ! Nous sommes ici avec une nouvelle reprise dance pour "Nxde" de (G)I-DLE ! Nous avons été fortement inspirés par la signification étonnante de la chanson et nous voulions la montrer à travers les visuels de cette vidéo. Nous espérons que vous l'apprécierez, merci d'avoir regardé ! [ZH] 大家好,这里是王者荣耀舞蹈队! 我们为 (G)I-DLE 的“Nxde”带来了新的舞蹈翻唱! 我们深受这首歌背后惊人含义的启发,并希望通过这段视频的视觉效果来展示它。 我们希望您会喜欢它,感谢您的收看! [TH] สวัสดี ทีมมาเจสตี้แดนซ์ มาแล้ว! เรามาแล้วกับการเต้นคัฟเวอร์ใหม่สำหรับเพลง 'Nxde' ของ (G)I-DLE! เราได้รับแรงบันดาลใจอย่างมากจากความหมายที่น่าทึ่งของเพลงและต้องการแสดงผ่านภาพของวิดีโอนี้ เราหวังว่าคุณจะสนุกกับมัน ขอบคุณที่รับชม! #KPOP #아이들 #WARSAW

Nude (Radiohead) cover by Suzanne Tufan


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Radiohead - Nude (Cover by Burne Holiday ft. Chris Bekampis)


Check out Burne Holiday's single "Parlor Tricks (Truth Be Told)", from their new album Memento, now available digitally on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play and other services. Parlor Tricks: 🤍 Memento on Spotify: 🤍 And on other streaming services: 🤍 - Google Play 🤍 - Apple Music Purchase on CDBaby: 🤍 Follow Burne Holiday on Facebook: 🤍 For covers, originals, and other content, be sure to subscribe to my channel: 🤍 And check out Burne Holiday's channel (with more original songs) here: 🤍 Including their cover of OK Computer: 🤍

[KPOP IN PUBLIC] (G)I-DLE ((여자)아이들) - NXDE | Dance Cover by AKtion (Barcelona)


[ENG] Hello!! We're back with a new cover! As soon as we heard the song and watched the MV we fell in love with the song. Soyeon is such a queen for coming up with these concepts 😭❤️ As you can see, Judith from Serein Crew participated as well! We're sure you already know her, she's been in our channel for manny times now and we love to have her here 😁 We hope you enjoy the video! Let us know on the comments your bias from (G)I-DLE! [ESP] ¡¡Hola!! ¡Estamos de vuelta con un nuevo cover! Tan pronto como escuchamos la canción y vimos el MV nos enamoramos de la canción. Soyeon es una reina por idear estos conceptos 😭❤️ Como pueden ver, ¡Judith de Serein Crew también participó! Estamos seguros de que ya la conocéis, ha estado muchas veces en nuestro canal y nos encanta tenerla aquí 😁 ¡Esperamos que disfrutes del video! ¡Escribe en los comentarios tu bias de (G)I-DLE! Watch our first vlog here! 🤍 ♡ SOCIAL MEDIA Instagram: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 Dancers: Shuhua - Moon: 🤍 Soyeon - Nicovellic: 🤍 Yuqi - Júlia: 🤍 Minnie - Janu: 🤍 Miyeon - Judith: 🤍 Agradecer a nuestras filmmakers que ha hecho un trabajo increíble | 🤍 #aktiondance #kpop #여자아이들 #kpopinpublic #nxde #gidle #dancecover #fyp #dance #coverdance #bcn #barcelona #kpopbcnl

[K-POP IN PUBLIC | ONE TAKE] (G)I-DLE ((여자)아이들) - ‘NXDE’ | Dance Cover by ESTET cdt


WE ARE COMING BACK WITH OUR NEW #tomboy #KPOPINPUBLIC Dance! we haven't been here for few weeks , and we're gonna do more dance covers very soon~ And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram our cdt Instagram: estet_cd enjoy of our (g)-idle-"nxde" #dancecover with our beautiful dancers and beautiful outfits~~ and have a good day ~ special thanks to all our dancers: 🖤Hwang Katya as Soyeon 🤍 🖤Annie as Miyeon 🤍 🖤Tonya as Minnie 🤍 🖤Nastya as Yuqi 🤍 🖤Yoonoh as Shuhua 🤍 and thanks to our camera man~ 🎥 🤍 #gidlenxde #gidle #kpopinpublic #kpop #kpopcoverdance #dance

Nude by Radiohead cover


Filmed this for fun and decided to upload it!

Radiohead - Nude (Bass Cover) (Play Along Tabs In Video)


BECOME A PATRON TO GET SONGS/TABS: 🤍 WEBPAGE: 🤍 BUY TAB PLAYER (GO PLAYALONG): 🤍 BUY TAB EDITOR (GUITAR PRO): 🤍 TIP JAR: 🤍 TWITCH: 🤍 INSTAGRAM: 🤍 FACEBOOK: 🤍 T-SHIRT/MUG/STICKER: 🤍 *SPONSORS* Fafnir Straps (Skin/Piel) 🤍 Tips And Comments: - Playing Technique: Played in a middle positions, middle strength. Neck pickup, full tone - Gear Sound: Cut some treble, added some bass, you can move out the mic from the center on the amp (digital o real) to get less brightness. - About The Song: The song is played in 6/4 with swing feel fo the 8th notes. I think the intonation is not perfect, my fault on that. Try to play it with good timing and roundness on execution, it shouldn't be that hard, just practice a lot! Transcribed from studio version with help of live videos. Need more tips? Just comment! *All the tabs in this channel are created by me, if you have any advice in the transcription feel free to comment! *Gear: Taurus t-24 Washburn 4 String Bass (D'addario .045 Standard Strings or Dunlop .045)/ Ibanez SA 120 Guitar/ Alesis Dm6 Drums - Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Interface - PC (Digital Processing)

[KPOP IN PUBLIC | ONE TAKE] (여자)아이들((G)I-DLE) - 'Nxde' by CRUSHME Dance Cover


This is CRUSHME! Check our new cover! Don’t forget to comment, give us a thumb up, subscribe and hit that little bell so you don’t miss our next covers! Music: NXDE Artist: Gidle 📎our social media: 📎 boosty - 🤍 telegram channel - 🤍 instagram - 🤍 🌸DANCERS🌸 Soyeon - SANA Yuqi- SENYA Minnie - TOMI Miyeon - MASHA Shuhua - MARI Video by ALINA Editing by OLYA NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. All right for music and choreography belong to Cube Entertainment #GIDLE #Nxde #여자아이들 #kpopinpublic #kpopcoverdance #coverdance #coverdanceinpublic #inpub

Nude (Radiohead Cover)


"hello everyone. I hope you've been taking care of yourselves in these bizarre times in the midst of the pandemic, not just physically, but emotionally and mentally. Nobody in our generation or our parent's generation has lived through something like what is developing as the days go by, and I'm sure many of you have seen signs of community lock-downs around you if you are in a heavily quarantined area, for some of you it may feel very frightening and strange. I can say for sure that my already abstract sense of the world around me has been altered heavily in the last week and I've found myself acting uncharacteristically out of emotions such as desperation, fear of "unfinished business", and a sense of dread as the circumstances continue to our world. This obviously isn't something I can speak much to, as a pandemic is conceptually something so much more than what I think can be rationalized in the present moment as it's happening, but I guess I just wanted to let you all know that I'm here, and so are you. I feel like I've ended up making that my go-to encouragement for a lot of these song notes, but I think it can be very easy for someone who regularly feels loneliness and disconnection from others to have those negative ruminations become exacerbated by a globally affected set of circumstances, so just know that you're here. Like many people I'm sure, I'm worried, but today I'm doing my best not to think about that, and so I've broken out another new-ish version of an old cover that can hopefully distract those who may be feeling the effects especially heavy lately. If you're looking for a low maintenance album to try and relax to, while still having some bursts of energy, "In Rainbows" is, I think, a really digestible introduction to radiohead, not as overly wordy as other releases and melodically a very appealing set of songs. sorry for the random obvious band plug. regardless of if you're interested or not, I hope you enjoy the song, and that you all have a safe rest of your week."

[KPOP IN PUBLIC] (여자)아이들 ((G)I-DLE) - 'Nxde' | Dance cover by P:EAGLES from Vietnam


[KPOP IN PUBLIC] (여자)아이들 ((G)I-DLE) - 'Nxde' | Dance cover by P:EAGLES from Vietnam * We do not own the music Dancer: Lady: Bee, Mai, Ngò, Una, Judy Gentleman: Tấn Phát, Huỳnh Thắng, Văn Tâm, Phúc Đỗ, Nguyên Hồ Special Thanks To: Cameraman & Edit: Lam Tran Tu Support: P:EAGLES members Follow us: FB: 🤍 IG: 🤍p.eagles.official Contact for work: Phone number: 0935893608 or 0886737572 Email: nnthaotrang0509🤍 Hi guys, we’re P:EAGLES Dance Team from Vietnam. Hope you guys like this video and continue to support us in the future. Like and Subcribe for P:EAGLES ❤️❤️❤️

Nude - Radiohead Cover


Here is my attempt at covering Radioheads song Nude while my camera is on low battery lol. I absolutely love Radiohead, as you can tell I kind of put my own spin on it. Hope that is okay with you all :) I promise I will try to get better playing guitar while singing. Thank you for stopping by, I am happy you are here.

(여자)아이들((G)I-DLE) - Nxde - Violin Cover


Download Violin Sheet Music(악보): 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 🤍 Microphone - SHURE MV51 Camera - iPhone XR Business Contact : musicplay9399🤍 #nxde #여자아이들 #gidle

Nude - Radiohead (Cover by Alexa Melo)


My 7-song collection of Radiohead covers, the LOTUS FLOWER album, is available now worldwide here: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Spotify: 🤍 Nude by Radiohead might be my #1 fav Radiohead song. Thank you, Chris Kay for requesting. To request a cover just leave me a comment below.

Nude - Radiohead cover por Goyimbwoods (Habas Negras Live Session)


15/09/2019 Segunda sesión en vivo en el estudio Habas Negras de Los Olivos Lima - Perú Integrantes: - Halcón Rivera (voz, guitarra rítmica, piano, sintetizador) - Jordan Capcha (guitarra, sintetizadores, teclado) - Erick Torre (voz, guitarra, coros) - Tomás Silva (bajo, sintetizador) - Renzo Rafaeli (coros, batería y percusión) Créditos - Video: Gisel Cruz - Audio: Habas Negras Agradecimiento especial a Ian Paul Brossard

Nude - Radiohead (Cover)


Click for more info! * Like what you're hearing? Subscribe, "like" my FB. 🤍 🤍 🤍 Skype me for music theory/guitar lessons: warrenlain E-mail to inquire about tutorials for hire: warren🤍 I'm working on a solo album. Check out my progress here - 🤍 * An accurate cover of Nude from Radiohead's In Rainbows. Part of the In Rainbows series of tutorials, installment #7. Enjoy!

"Nude" RADIOHEAD (cover) #shedsession ft. LARK


If you liked this #shedsession, make sure you subscribe and hit the bell to see the next session right when it's uploaded! INSTAGRAM: 🤍 FACEBOOK: 🤍 SPOTIFY: 🤍 APPLE MUSIC: 🤍 - A special thanks to our guest artist LARK 🤍 - BIO - David Francisco is an accomplished singer/songwriter, musician, producer, recording engineer and spinal cord injury survivor. After graduating from the University of Tennessee with a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering in 2014, he traveled throughout Europe on a quest to consider the next phase of his life. While on the Camino de Santiago in northern Spain, he determined he would forego a traditional career in engineering to instead pursue music creation as his full time endeavor. He opened and operated a small recording studio in Knoxville for a couple of years before deciding to enhance his producing and engineering skills by attending the world renowned Blackbird Academy in Nashville Tennessee. Three weeks after moving to Nashville, tragedy struck. While riding his bicycle home from school at lunch to feed his dog, David was t-boned by a distracted driver who ran a red light at a busy intersection. His body slammed into the windshield, launched 10 feet into the air and crashed into the pavement. His back was snapped, his spinal cord severely damaged and his left forearm torn open. It was April 27, 2016, and his life was forever changed. The following year consisted of intense, full-time physical therapy and rehabilitation at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, where David focused all of his efforts on regaining any possible mobility. He returned to Nashville in January 2017, and graduated from the Blackbird Academy in June 2017. His journey is documented in the short film "Back To Blackbird". Later in 2017 he auditioned for American Idol and went all the way to Hollywood week. His audition was televised and viewed more than 42 million times around the world. He met, fell in love and married the beautiful Kristi Wilhelm, who started dating him while he was still in a wheelchair. Their love blossomed and powered his amazing recovery to where he and Kristi organized a charity bicycle ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles to celebrate all that he had recovered. This led to an appearance on the ELLEN show where ELLEN Degeneres gave them a $10,000 contribution to support the Ride! David currently lives in Los Angeles. He has performed on stage with Martina McBride, Steven Curtis Chapman and opened for 3 sold out shows for THE VOICE winner, Chris Blue. He has shared his story at the Grammy's annual MusiCares foundation gala and in person with Katy Perry and Kacey Musgraves. David is skilled on the saxophone, piano, guitar and vocals. He is a prolific songwriter, music producer, performer and communicator of ideas that inspire. He is available for private performances and speaking engagements and can be booked by contacting booking🤍

[KPOP IN PUBLIC | ONE TAKE] (여자)아이들 ((G)I-DLE) - 'Nxde' Dance Cover By BlackSi From Vietnam


Các bạn nhớ bật chế độ HD/4K nhé !!! Please watch in HD or 4K. (*) We don't own this music ! 📽Cameraman: | Facebook | Nam Kennedy : 🤍 (*) Dancers: | Instagram | Zoey as Soyeon: 🤍_zoey.mp_ Mia as Shuhua: 🤍_thaophamm_ Latte as Miyeon : 🤍lattevely_ Eli as Minnie: 🤍_k.eliing Byebyeskye (Trainee) as Yuqi: 🤍byebyeskyee (*) Supporters: BlackSi and friends! (*) Location: Aeon Mall Ha Dong, Ha Noi City, Viet Nam #NXDE #GIDLE #BLACKSIOFFICIAL #COMEBACK _ 📩 Contact us & Booking: Facebook: BlackSi Instagram: 🤍blacksi_official Email: blacksi1808🤍 Youtube: BlackSi Official Hotline : 0835579843 (Mr.Loki) kpop in public,kpop in public dance,kpop in public challenge,Dance Cover,dance in public,dance challenge, kpop dance,dance,BlackSi Official,

[KPOP IN PUBLIC, Russia] (G)I-DLE ((여자)아이들) - NxDE dance cover by SANDWITCH [ONE TAKE]


#kpopinpublic #gidle #nxde Hello, we are SandWitch dance team from Russia🥪 Why you think that 'bout nude? 'Cause your view's so rude 💋Yes, I'm nude💋 🤍official_g_i_dle For support to new covers, or maybe just indulging us sweets💗 🤍 Soyeon - Nastya : 🤍 Minnie - Sajin : 🤍 Yuqi - A.Lee : 🤍 Miyeon - Dalis : 🤍 Shuhua - Uymi : 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 VK : 🤍 Mail : sandwitch.cdt🤍 Ko-Fi: 🤍 FILMED and EDITED by Julia - IG: 🤍 Music: Nxde We do not own any of the music or choreography #여자아이들 #coverdance #dancecover #kpopcoverdance #kpopcover #kpop #dance #nxde_challenge #nxde #gidle #yuqi #soyeon #shuhua #minnie #miyeon #moscow #idle #gidlenxde

'Nxde' cover∥(G)I-DLE 【CielA】


#nxde #gidle #cover 「I'm born nude」 Song* Nxde Original* ( )I-DLE (URL: 🤍 ) Mix* ZEIN Featuring* ZEIN JPN cc Subtitle* joinamphion Thumbnail* Mumma Special Thanks* Hisszy, Sabi Covered by CielA CielA’s TikTok∥ 🤍 instagram∥ 🤍 Twitter∥ 🤍 팬카페∥🤍 안녕하세요 라빗이들🐰🐰 시엘라입니다. 아이들의 '누드'를 불러봤어요. 미친 천재여성들, 내가 정말 사랑해... 피쳐링까지 선뜻 해주고 믹스도 도와준 제인, 섬네일 도와주신 멈마님, 착장 아이템 조언해준 히지님과 영상편집 조언해준 사비님 감사해요! 오늘도 여러 은혜를 입고 영상을 올리네요. 오늘도 들어주셔서 감사합니다 내 토끼들🥕🥕 우리는 다음주에 또 다른 멋진 곡으로 만나요!

Nude - Radiohead (Cover)


Radiohead - Nude [Piano Cover]


Long time ago that I first tried to cover this song and I couldn't even play the bass rhythm and the melody at the same time, let alone the rest. Finally came back to it and I'm very happy with how it came out. If you like my covers and want to support me to make more, consider buying me a coffee: 🤍

Nude by Radiohead — Guitar Cover


One of my favorite Radiohead songs, off one of my favorite albums of all time. Pedals used: MXR Dyna Comp Digitech Whammy (octave setting, chords mode) BOSS DS-2 Turbo Distortion (low distortion, DS-1 setting) BOSS DD-6 Digital Delay (max volume, high feedback time) BOSS RV-6 Reverb (spring setting) This channel and I do not claim any right over any of the graphics, images, or songs used in this video. All rights are reserved to the respective copyright owners.

(G)I-DLE - Nxde || English Cover by SERRI


→My english lyrics are not the official translation of the song but a rewrite← ▶ Use code 'SERRIXCVI' to get a discount at Yesstyle → or just click on this link: 🤍 ▶ 🤍 ▶ TikTok: serricherri Lyrics (you can use them but please credit me VISIBLY): Why you think that 'bout nude? 'Cause your view's so rude Think outside the box Then you'll like it Hello my name is yeppi yeppi, oh Though I’m slightly dumb, my body’s sexy, sexy, oh For a diamond studded tiara, might even I could laugh, did you think I’d laugh, did you think that Misrepresented Lorelei, don't need no man Philosophy is just my jam, self-made woman Taken aback by this story, say, could it be satire? I hear the audience boo “You tricked me, you're a liar” Ah, another unattired movie star Ah, all spotlights going out tonight Even if I fall apart, when I’m looking tacky Even if I can’t be loved anymore Yes, I'm a nude Nude (dda-dda-rat-dda-ra) Yes, I'm a nude Nude (I don't give a love) Baby, how do I look? (Yeah) How do I look? (Yeah) Put on my pretty self and dda-dda-rat-dda-ra Baby, how do I look? (Yeah) How do I look? (Yeah) Put on my pretty self and dda-dda-rat-dda-ra Ouch! ‘Scuse me everyone, would you listen up, too You’re here for those scandalous shots? Well then Oh, I’m sorry, thank you for coming but Ask for a refund, keep scoffing, I don’t care at all, nah Throw popcorn at me go be my guest Ratings don’t define happiness But my apex, all of those prejudices, just wanna throw up Ah, another unattired movie star Ah, it’s just another shameless night Even if I fall apart, when I’m ugly to you Even if I can’t be loved anymore Yes, I'm a nude Nude (dda-dda-rat-dda-ra) Yes, I'm a nude Nude (I don't give a love) Baby, how do I look? (Yeah) How do I look? (Yeah) Put on my pretty self and dda-dda-rat-dda-ra Baby, how do I look? (Yeah) How do I look? (Yeah) Put on my pretty self and dda-dda-rat-dda-ra Mm, ah Mm, ah Mm, ah Mm, ah Yes, I'm a nude Yes, I'm a nude Now I draw a luxury nude Why you think that 'bout nude? 'Cause your view's so rude Think outside the box Gotta tell me My beautiful nude Oh, my gorgeous nude I'm born nude But the pervert’s you Rude Nude ▶Instrumental: 🤍 ▶ MP3: 🤍 #Lyrics_By_SERRI #GIDLE #여자아이들 #Nxde #serri #serrimusic #cherri ▶ All of your questions answered here: 🤍



#gidle #gidlenxde #gidletomboy Приятного вам просмотра! Thanks for watching~ Большое спасибо этим котикам за поддержку на бусти: Сергей Агафонов, Михаил Ларьков, rodenn MP3 доступно для скачивания в момент выхода для всех котиков на бусти~ Google: 🤍 ❀ Original: (G) I-DLE - NXDE ❀ Vocal, Video: Sonyan [🤍 ❀ Effects, Lyrics, Subs, Outro: Meira [🤍 ❀ Sound: Sonyan, Кадзуха [🤍 ❀ Colour: Arseniseno [🤍 SUPPORT: ❀ BOOSTY: 🤍 ❀ DonationAlerts: 🤍 ❀ VISA: 4276 6200 3477 2255 Вы также можете заказать песню, которую вам бы хотелось услышать в моем исполнении! Пишите мне в лс сообщества: 🤍 SOCIAL: ❀ VK: 🤍 ❀ TIK-TOK: 🤍 ❀ INSTAGRAM: 🤍 ❀ Telegram: 🤍 (G) I-DLE - NXDE [K-POP RUS COVER BY SONYAN]

Nude - Radiohead Cover - With Guitar Tabs - Feat Renan Kanbay


Radiohead Nude Cover with Johnny Greenwood's guitar TAB. Thanks to Renan Kanbay for her beautiful voice. You can find Renan: 🤍 🤍 instagram: 🤍 facebook profile: 🤍 twitter profile: 🤍 web site: 🤍

Radiohead - Nude piano cover


🤍 Song request by Barby Melendres

Nxde ♥ ((G)I-DLE) ♥ Cover Español by Mishi


(●♡∀♡) Hola mi nombre es yeppi yeppi 🍨 🤍 ♥ Holii como les va a todos y todas mis Shwanss ♥ La más reciente canción de Gidle con una gran letra que merece ser entendida por todos, Nude. ♥ Aquella que trata de mostrar nuestro yo real aunque eso signifique no ser amados por una imagen falsa. ♥ La gente tiene una imagen atrevida con respecto al término ‘desnudo’. Pero el significado del término en sí no es sexual. ♥ Esta palabra fue elegida para mostrarnos tal y como somos y dependiendo de la perspectiva de cada quien todo puede cambiar. ♥ disfrútenla mucho l🤍s amodoro ♥ Escúchame en: Spotify: 🤍 Itunes: 🤍 Amazon: 🤍 Google Play: 🤍 Deezer: 🤍 ♥Social Media: ❆ 🤍 ❆ 🤍 ❆ 🤍 ❆ 🤍 ❆ 🤍 Original: - ((G)I-DLE) 'Nxde' 🤍 ♥Equipo Chwan Adaptación: yo Edición y master: GDany Interprete: yo Instrumental: la original Lyric: Por qué piensas mal de la desnudez intenta ver diferente Hola mi nombre es yeppi yeppi Tonta al hablar pero sexy, sexy soy Subestimas mi apariencia Mira que ironía, que ironía Los hombres que son como tu risa me dan soy mas de lo que suelen ver ah, gracias a mi Estupefactos por la chica que realmente soy ahora solo gritan que soy una embustera La estrella muestra el verdadero brillo La noche solo es para mi Aunque yo me rompa en dos por mostrarme como soy y ya no signifique nada Shh! Yes, I'm a nude Nude, bae Dda dda lat dda ra Yes, I'm a nude Nude todo da igual Dime cómo ves, cómo ves a mi hermoso ser, dda dda lat dda ra Dime cómo ves como ves a mi hermoso ser tara tara tara Ouch Una disculpa le debo al show lo fuera de tono no está en el guión lo siento, no hay nada de eso no te preocupes puedes pedirles tu reembolso ve y saca todo tu enojo Mi felicidad no se basa en puntajes todo prejuicio es desagradable La estrella muestra el verdadero brillo La noche solo es para mi Aunque yo me rompa en dos por mostrarme como soy y ya no signifique nada Shh! Yes, I'm a nude Nude, bae tata rat tara Yes, I'm a nude Nude todo da igual Dime cómo ves como ves a mi hermoso ser Dda dda lat dda ra Dime cómo ves como ves a mi hermoso ser Dda dda lat dda ra um ha, um ha, um ha, umm Yes, I'm a nude Yes, I'm a nude Todo un arte se que soy Por qué piensas mal de la desnudez intenta ver diferente Mi hermoso ser lo desnudaré tu mente tan impura es Nude Nude.

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