Folding Phones Are Getting Ridiculous...

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Are Folding phones making a comeback?  HONOR Magic V2: 🤍🤍 Thanks to Honor for partnering on this video. FOLLOW ME IN THESE PLACES FOR UPDATES Twitter - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍

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Folding Phones Are Getting Ridiculous...
Folding Phones Are Getting Ridiculous...
Folding Phones Are Getting Ridiculous...
Folding Phones Are Getting Ridiculous...
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2023-11-28 15:26:51

nothing ever comes close to the escobar fold 2

2023-11-26 02:19:49

We need Jerry 😅

2023-11-24 13:34:12

This phone 📱 is piece beauty and future

2023-11-19 16:12:47

I ain’t going back to none folding phones… and my last smartphone was an iPhone 7+

2023-11-10 21:01:14

Have you seen what most of these foldable look like, say, six months down the line?…They usually look fu***d!

2023-11-09 09:42:59

Very nice, but i love my Z Fold

2023-11-08 08:19:58

yEtG6la3MEY&t=7m31s 7:31 you sync up PERFECTLY with the phone

2023-10-30 01:50:23

I've been using the chinese rom fold phones, getting them from China.
Does the Honor magic v2 have a global rom and how to buy it in Australia?
I can just find the chinese rom version of v2

2023-10-29 03:31:59

Only available for the Asian market?

2023-10-28 15:44:38

Yep! I can definitely see Apple making this their target for foldable.

2023-10-22 15:27:35

still suck. will be torn over time

2023-10-19 03:19:38

Can you buy this in USA?

2023-10-17 04:47:35

HONOR are wizards

2023-10-16 05:39:36

Does the Honor Magic V2 support HDMI output via USB-C ?

2023-10-15 21:23:06

You have google apps on it. How and dose everything work as it should

2023-10-15 19:27:56

This looks really nice. One of the biggest issues (imho) with foldables is they’re near brick-like. This has a great form factor and unfolds flat with little crease. I’m 100% in the apple ecosystem but this makes me consider getting a foldable. Shame it’s not yet available outside Asia.

2023-10-15 17:43:04

Then don't buy one. Problem solved

2023-10-12 19:42:26

Iphone really needs to STEP UP, these folding phones are coming hard, and they aren't going away anytime soon.

2023-10-12 15:36:24

I’m an iPhone fan boy but after seeing the Honor V2 capabilities, design and innovation and since I use it mostly for business and watching videos the Honor V2 feels like a better option.

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