Foldable Phones Come With Problems... #Shorts

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Foldable Phones Come With Problems... #Shorts
Foldable Phones Come With Problems... #Shorts
Foldable Phones Come With Problems... #Shorts
Foldable Phones Come With Problems... #Shorts
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2023-11-28 03:32:04

This is trash... None of these are issues.

No one puts their cc in their phone.

Wouldn't suggest having any phone around "heat"

No one uses their fingernail on any screen

Folding the device to pay is to prevent consumer frustration.

Wireless charging is pointless, it's slow and not truly wireless...

2023-11-24 20:52:19

That’s why like many phones are on the market with broken inside screens

2023-11-21 16:11:55


2023-11-18 09:01:48

These phones NEED more improvement i mean... They're very cool and i love the idea of having a folding smartphone

2023-11-12 05:20:29

My inner screen went to shit. If you're a heavy gamer these are not for you. Samsung didn't stand by the warranty using these stupid precautions and warnings they have for an excuse. Oh well there loss as I will never buy anything Samsung again.

2023-11-11 16:50:34

Not true for the OnePlus Open

2023-11-11 16:36:28

This video about whining for the sake of whining lol. I have a z-fold five and have zero problems and it's by far the best phone on the market today unless your main focus is camera in which case the s23 ultra is the best by far

2023-10-26 22:20:13

Who...on earth... Is putting their credit card in their folding phone? I've owned four of them, worked with dozens of multiple people who use foldables... and this is the first I've ever heard of anyone doing this

2023-10-26 10:32:54


2023-10-23 21:18:14

So cards shouldn't be placed near iphones and their magsafe wallets either😂😂😂

2023-10-11 00:37:52

Bro that is a hack to get a gold phone for a bit chrap edit: I meant cheap

2023-10-10 19:13:28

Most of these are normal phone things and it’s so expensive especially the food not the flip bc it has 3 x the phone screens, the closed front and the double sized one when unfolded so it kinda worth

2023-10-10 19:00:44

I was editing photos in Lightroom on a Samsung Fold 2023... the middle area is terrible and doesn't register finger touches 50% of the time.

2023-10-10 17:58:25

Bro really sayed "СТОП"

2023-10-10 09:53:20

Wireless charging is useless anyway

2023-10-09 04:42:02

a Z FLIP 5 is the same price as the s23 plus

2023-10-09 04:00:24

as someone whose hobby requires long nails, this product and i are simply Not Compatible

2023-10-08 17:51:25

I've had a fold 3 for almost 2 years with no issues. So did Linus until recently and so much of this is false.

2023-10-08 13:36:48


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