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Reviewing the best foldable smartphones in 2023, including compact bendy phones like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Motorola RAZR, plus Z Fold 4 mimics such as the Honor Magic Vs. We also preview the top foldables launching this year, such as Google's Pixel Fold and Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Fold 5. What's your own pick for the best bendy smartphone right now? Let us know below! If you're after a mini mobile, the Samsung Z Flip 4 is one of the best. It's got a serious crease and the camera struggles in lower light (pretty common for a flexible phone), while the battery life is also limited. But those displays are gorgeous, the Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 performance is top, and it's water resistant. The Oppo Find N2 Flip boasts a bigger cover screen and better battery life, although the water resistance is gone. And you can't run any app on that front display, unlike the excellent Motorola RAZR. Here's looking forward to the RAZR 40 Ultra, set to launch this week! For fans of big phones-cum-tablets, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is still one of the better options. However, the battery life and hinge design isn't as good as the Honor Magic Vs - which loses the water resistance, wireless charging and smart software of Samsung's foldable. If you are patient, we should see that Samsung Z Flip 5 and Z Fold 5 as well as the OnePlus foldable. And the Pixel Fold will be released in the UK in June 2023. Best Foldable Phones 2023 Chapters: 0:00 - Banging on a bit 0:31 - Motorola RAZR 2:18 - Oppo Find N2 Flip 3:25 - Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 4:30 - Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 6:18 - Honor Magic Vs 7:47 - Huawei Mate X3 8:31 - Google Pixel Fold 8:57 - Samsung Galaxy Z Fold & Flip 5 9:14 - OnePlus Foldable

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Best Foldable Phones (2023)
Best Foldable Phones (2023)
Best Foldable Phones (2023)
Best Foldable Phones (2023)
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Комментарии пользователей:
2023-11-17 15:10:30

Where is that scene from? qDY2_I4nPis&t=6m36s 6:36

2023-11-08 17:39:00

Which game is he playing on these phones?

2023-10-14 08:13:55

I want the Honor Magic V2 so badly, but I absolutely cannot afford it:(

2023-10-13 02:38:00

Honor is the best indeed

2023-09-27 19:25:07

qDY2_I4nPis&t=3m44s 3:44 movie name

2023-09-23 03:29:09

what is the jeff goldblum movie he is watching at qDY2_I4nPis&t=2m24s 2:24 ??

2023-09-13 10:13:13

i know this is kinda late thing to ask but can you review the z flip 3 in 2023 standards?

2023-09-12 22:26:54

I absolutely love that you're a weeb tech reviewer. gotta subscribe with how many awesome backgrounds you showcased!

2023-08-29 10:56:05

Foldable devices are not practical. I prefer 7.2 Inch Flagship Phablet instead.
Why aren't manufacturers making any high Tech 7" Phablets? They're best size to combine portability with the larger screen size. At least 8GB RAM, Flagship Cpu and Gpu, Full HD OLED with 90 Hz, 256GB Internal Expandable Storage, 5100 mAh Fast Charging Battery etc.
@SamsungMobile @Xiaomi @Huawei

2023-08-29 09:49:41

I have seen the honor under water and survives, could it be that they just don't pay the company that certify the IP ratings hence the devices are cheaper?

2023-08-23 15:50:14

They end up having a black line in the fold bit so not that good

2023-08-19 00:35:55

Flagship = Processor + Camera
Gaming = Processor + Battery
Fold = "I'm (expensive) in danger." -Ralph

Ps. Gaming phones will have better cameras before flagships have bigger batteries. They will say it's for safety reasons, but they want people replace their phone as soon as posible.

2023-08-15 17:10:50

Don't mix flip and fold pls

2023-08-09 07:51:44

These all need more work, especially for their price!

2023-08-07 08:47:37

Where do you get your wallpaper from

2023-08-05 17:43:18

Love your accent ❤

2023-08-04 13:34:58

Foldable phones are not the same as flippable!! Don't mix the two and make separate video pls!!!

2023-08-04 09:27:02

Not quite a Fluffy review

2023-07-30 11:26:29

Motorola is coming back on top as it should

It's the first commerical Mobile phone brand ever

Mad respect

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