A Folding Phone Lighter than an iPhone



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A folding phone with hardware way better than the Samsung Fold 5 More info - 🤍🤍hihonor.com/global/phones/honor-magic-v2/ If you want to support the channel, consider a Dave2D membership by clicking the “Join” button above! 🤍twitter.com/Dave2D 🤍🤍instagram.com/Dave2D 🤍discord.gg/Dave2D Purchases made from store links may give me some money. (It doesn’t cost you extra, so please buy everything) Follow me: 🤍twitter.com/Dave2D 🤍🤍instagram.com/Dave2D

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A Folding Phone Lighter than an iPhone
A Folding Phone Lighter than an iPhone
A Folding Phone Lighter than an iPhone
A Folding Phone Lighter than an iPhone
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2023-12-02 05:47:11

What is it with Canadian Tech Youtubers and their obsession to help Xi Jinping get everyone's personal info? Unbox Therapy has been working at this for years. These "companies" have been proven time and time again turning over data or working with the CPP, not to mention that they are "legally" bound to do so if not. I'll stick with my Samsung

2023-11-23 05:08:41

There is a reason why VALID phones are as thick as they are. You show off a CHINESE PHONE that are known to be FULL of problems...some having serious quality control like blowing up and catching on FIRE. HOW THE FUCK you want to cover this video and say you are not a sponsor and yet you show this phone off as if some kind of great tech. You honestly THINK Samsung or Google can't make a phone that is thinner than the ones they have? Are you retarded? THERE IS A REASON for the form factor and why phones are as thick as they are from VALID MANUFACTURERS who have QUALITY CONTROL and have tested their phones rigorously NOT to fucking blow up or catch on fire or have parts in them that are subpar in quality. You can say you are not "sponsored" all the FUCK you like but the reason you have this phone in this video tells me enough.

2023-11-20 08:52:03

Im holding out for a slide down keyboard phone 😢 i miss my freakin buttons

2023-11-10 03:49:02

It’s advanced, it’s Chinese, it’s OK. You need not be so frustrated 😂

2023-11-09 11:49:43

China shot themselves in the foot. One thing is hard to Argue. The make the best phone hardware. Maybe the best EVs. Too bad they want to make the world a dystopian hell hole.

2023-11-08 14:59:13

Foldable phones are useless until Apple makes one

2023-11-04 20:28:41

Samsung do like that because they want everyone feel uncomfortable in outside screen and that why they want the user open to the screen inside the big ( That’s one of the thing people buy Foldable)

2023-10-31 22:28:16

Man, also think about why the company like Samsung still makes the form, weired ratio? Don't you ever think you missed out something? Do your research.

2023-10-31 22:24:46

Man, not "way thinner"

2023-10-24 21:10:57

I use the Fold 3 with no case everyday and love it. No weight issue. Also, the Galaxy Watch and Samsung Ecosystem plus Google is amazing! Samsung in closed state went with compact and its great.

2023-10-22 08:25:28

Oh man....the fact that u kept on asking why Samsung didnt do this and that.....u have to really stop your biases on China phones.

2023-10-22 03:13:06

Why didn't samsung?.... what is the primary difference between these phones?; what do all phones that are sold in the NA marketplace have in common?.. an IPX rating that guarantees that the unit is waterproof. The Honor is not waterproof! Great hinge, great form factor, but don't use it the rain.

2023-10-21 19:05:58

Samsung innovated the foldable display, made something with it and basically called it a day for 4 years straight while the rest of the industry caught up and some even surpassed them. Complacency is a bitch and Samsung needs to get their shit together.

2023-10-20 07:12:24

Hey Dave ! So what is better: the Honor Magic V2 or Open Plus Fold ?

And can you comment on the overheating issues with the Honor? The phone is so thin that the ventilation apparently works bad and the phone is overheating a lot ! Did you notice it as well?

2023-10-15 22:40:42

@ o67WuiSdc_E&t=4m14s 4:14 I think they do it because of the blackbars. The smaller the front screen is the less are the blackbars when the phone is fully folded. Still not sure if that is the better bet

2023-10-14 03:21:58

Agree with 100% The V2 does provide a lot of promises on the wish list, however I think this design, form factor and software in it is still in a trial phase. There are many reviews out there that shows there are still be slight improvements both in the hardware and software so I'll probably wait just a bit more for those fine tweaks before spending almost 1500USD on the phone

2023-10-13 13:41:30

I would only pick a foldable if it was a normal aspect ratio ( o67WuiSdc_E&t=9m16s 9:16 or whatever is the usual one) in a very small size (2.5" or no more than 3.5") and unfolding it would reveal a bigger screen with the same form factor. I miss my very small phones, and I want them back

2023-10-13 03:16:09


2023-10-12 20:17:07

This just completely blows my fold 3 out of the water, definitely gonna get it when it is out internationally.

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